Pioneer WT7600NEX wireless CarPlay cuts out/Siri's voice/voice calls quality issue!!

adachi Newbie
Jan 17, 2021
Head Unit: Pioneer WT7600NEX (Firmware 1.30)
Speakers: JL C3 Co-axe
Amp: JL RD 900/5
Vehicle: 2021 Toyota Tacoma Off Road (Non- Premium stock sound system before the upgrade)
Phone: iPhone X 64gb

Hey guys, just had a brand new Pioneer WT7600NEX installed in my new 2021 Tacoma, awesome unit, love the look, love the sound...everything works EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING....I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else and if there is a fix for this.

.05) I experienced the "screen flickering" when WIFI is enabled on the Pioneer...if its disabled the screen flickering stops. (Really not impressed with that from a 1600 dollar head unit. I'm hoping this will be addressed in a future firmware update.)

Here's where the REAL annoyances come into play...

1) Voice calls...whoever I'm speaking to on the phone? Their voice sounds like it has some kind of high pitched "tinny" overlay on top their normal voice. This happens 100% of the time on any call. Sounds like crap, kinda hard to understand sometimes. Like someone put a creepy horror movie effect on their voice. (Music from carplay sounds crystal clear via radio and Spotify

2) Siri's voice does the same thing!!!! If you click on the text message button on carplay and have Siri read you a text or ask you what you want to say...and she reads it back to you? Same crappy high pitched voice...

(Siri's voice for GPS navigation through CarPlay sounds normal! wth?? Also if i go into my Siri setting on my iphone and click on the various accents to have Siri speak a preview?...HER VOICE SOUNDS NORMAL THROUGH CARPLAY...It only seems to be with text message reading, and voice mail reading)

3) Wireless carplay cuts out randomly...the song will paused and cut out like a bad internet connection buffering randomly...cant seem to find any reason for that...happens to both downloaded and non downloaded playlists. Sometimes the unit will drop the phone completely with heavy cutting out and say no device detected. I gotta manually make the head unit hook up to the phone again...Super annoying.

Again a 1600 dollar head unit should NOT be this glitchy, wondering again if anyone else has had these issues, if so, what have you done to fix them, please...If all else fails im going to get my installer to try another head unit to see if the issue replicates itself...if it does and there's no fix? Im dropping Pioneer and going back to stock with a Fix and a tweak maybe.

Thanks in advance.


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