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From the newbie:

I currently own a Nak CD-45/MB-70 double-DIN setup, with an external Nak 20-bit D/A box for the MB-70 (the model number I forget). Some things were fried in the HU; notably the CD section of the CD-45 no longer has a left channel F or R from either the HU or the MB-70 changer, and FM reception ***** even worse that its mediocre performance from before. Stinks royally for unit that hasn't even reached its 3rd install birthday. All I can say is repair is NOT an option (for the reasons below).

The local Nak dealer tells me I can use a CD-400 and still interface with the MB-70. From what I've found on this board and elsewhere, it sounds like the CD-400 is generally reliable. Given my past experience with recent Nak gear (before and after the ownership change), this hasn't been the case. My MB-70 has had its problems, and only now works after a $400+(!) repair bill from Nakamichi, and ONLY flawlessly if the streets are made of glass, sheet ice or some other super smooth surface. Moreover, when I first started this system, it initially took a couple of CD-45s to finally get one that didn't skip more than some hopscotch-crazed kid.

Here's where I need advice: I can continue on with the Nak, either by going to the CD-400 or finding another CD-45 if I go cheap. I also have some new Eclipse gear that I had planned on putting into my wife's car, but she now no longer wants. They're all 2003 or older models: 8053 HU (24/96 Burr-Brown D/As w/ balanced line outputs, yada, yada), their 5061 in-dash changer, and the balanced line unit.

I was impressed by the performance of the 8053 when listening to them in the showroom booth; I thought it definitely sounded better than the Nak running my system setup. I know the acoustics between real car and showroom faux car are different, but I still say the Eclipse sounded sweeter than the CD-45. In all honesty, I haven't listened to the CD-400 config'd on any setup close to what I own, so I don't know how good it really is in comparison. From what I have heard of the CD-400 (in a Porsche environment through MB Quart Q seps and Diamond power), it seems like a beautifully performing unit.

So, I need advice: should I soldier on with Nakamichi and their (in my mind) iffy quality? I hate trashing the MB-70, since I don't feel I've gotten my money out of the cost of the repair. Or should I take my losses and go with what I already own and just install the Eclipse gear with its butt-fugly, non-detach faceplate? Any admonishments (or opinions) would be appreciated, since I'm about as torn as a guy can get.

The current system includes:

source: Nak CD-45 HU, MB-70 changer

power: xtant X603 3-channel (fronts and sub), Nak 1000 (rear fills)

speakers: Focal 165W (fronts), Boston RM9 (rear), BA Pro 10.5 (sub)

rolling platform: Nissan Maxima



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If it were me I would stick with the Eclipse. Nak's are good but even the CD400 has it's problems. Who needs the headaches?

That was the conclusion I finally came up with. I found a few posts around the net where owners complained about skipping issues with the CD-400; sounds too much like the problems I was having with the CD-45z when I first had the system installed, and I'm in no mood to go through THAT again. Also, the local Nak dealer admitted that they've had "a couple" of CD-400s come back with tracking problems; that was enough to kill the idea for me. Had a shop install the Eclipse gear instead.

So far the 8053 has been a great listen, but I'm still working out all the fine-tuning parameters; this puppy's got a TON of variables and setting controls to mess around with. And I'm still trying to get used to the face design (ugh) and its stupid-looking LED screen; the Nak's LCD is far more preferrable to me.

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