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I have a jl 500/1 slash amp with a epicenter pushing a 12 inch W6 in a ported box and a pioneer avh w4500nex with a 4 channel amp i need help tuning it’s my first ever sound system don’t know much about the crossover on the stereo or amp/epicenter settings

All the door speakers are fine I just feel like the sub should be playing better then it is and sometimes it just cuts out idk if I’m pushing it to much or if it’s for the same reason that it’s not tuned correctly I’ve heard another set up almost the same as mine and it sounds way cleaner


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I just feel like the sub should be playing better
These are the settings that JL Audio recommends for the 12w7, but I think should also work for the 12W6.

sometimes it just cuts out
Cutting out is usually a sign of bad power connections. I assume both amps are on a distribution block and sharing a ground point. Is the full range amp also cutting out?

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list ALL gear. electrical upgrades too? what car?

why are you using the Epicenter?

for crossovers, 80hz is a good starting point but depends on your gear

did you set your gains right? heres how. test tones are at the very bottom...