1. Sinisterspawn

    Do i need this

    Do I need the AudioControl LC2i with my AudioControl amps ?
  2. Koltrain129

    COMPLETED LC2i - $60+Shipping

    I no longer have the car I had this LC2i hooked up in. I got about of year worth of usage out of it and had no problems. New LC2i model sells for about $90-110 online. Product highlights: 2-channel active line output converter designed to work with most factory systems Inputs and outputs...
  3. B

    Help Please! Signal being sent to sub when volume at 0

    Hey guys, I'm running a Skar RP1200, MTX 7512-22 @ 1 Ohm and an Audio Control LC2i. I just did the install while keeping the factory head unit in my 2016 Ford Focus ST. I spliced into the factory wire harness coming from the factory Sony amp to grab signal from the front speakers (using solder...
  4. Luis Fernando

    Need tuning help

    Hey guys- so I have a skar monoblock amp being fed by an LC2i loc, I just upgraded it  recently from a passive loc and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on tuning this set up. My main issue is that I want to use the bass knob that feeds into the bass boost on my amp since I already have...
  5. V

    Stuck in protection mode with factory headunit and lc2i

    I recently bought a 2013 lesus gs350. Transfered everything from my old car.  Pioneer GM D9601 kicker 10cvx12 compvx 4ohm some boss cap 10farads  dont remeber specific model but it worked fine in old car. everything worked fine in old car Set everything up in new car. Wire up the lc2i. Lc2i...
  6. E

    LC2i removal

    this is probably a very simple question for you guys, I have a '13 Legacy that has the following from Hertz HCP 5D ES 300 ESK 165.5 ECX 165.5 LC2i & OEM headunit I am replacing the head unit with a JVC KW-HDR81BT. Since that initial setup was done for me professionally, I figured the...