Music & Sound in Mitchell


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Jun 4, 2010
Chamberlain, SD
I've dealt with them a few times in the past and would NOT recommend them.

If you just need to buy some equipment, go for it. But if it's defective in any way, don't expect any help.

I had them do a simple Rockford set up for me in about 2004, and after paying up front, they ran the wiring and THEN told me that they didn't even HAVE the system that I had bought! They sold it to someone else the day before. As a "loaner" they put in a pair of Audiopipe 10's and a cheap VR3 200 watt amp.

The system I was SUPPOSED to be getting was 2 Rockford HE2 12's and a P300.2 amp. Needless to say, not comparable in the least. They then proceeded to tell me when I called every day for TWO WEEKS that they couldn't get the system ordered. When I asked for a refund, they told me they could do it, but would still charge me for the wiring kit, and an hours labor. So almost two and a half weeks after my initial install appointment, I got my system installed. I drove out of the shop and got a block away before I realized they had put a "Music & Sound" sticker on my back window without asking me. When I went back to have it removed, they tried to charge me labor for the 30 minutes it took them to get it off!

I've had other people tell me of similar problems with them in the past.

They deal in Rockford, Alpine, JL Audio and a few others.


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