Multiple cheap large subwoofers vs a few more expensive subwoofers

I am wondering what everyone's opinion is on whether it would be easier to get a loud system using several cheap 15-18in subwoofers vs something like 2 nice 15s or 18s.

I have a friend that just wants a really loud system and doesn't care about SQ but doesn't want to spend too much money. Ive seen 15s as cheap as $60 and was thinking it would be really easy to get like 6 of those rather than spending like $300 for just one nice 15. I understand that subwoofers that are that cheap are not going to be very good speakers but they have a large surface area and it would not take that much wattage to make them loud.

If anyone has better ideas I'd be glad to hear them! Thanks

Id get like 8 american bass xd12s in a nice ported box on 2k.

it would sound decent and get pretty loud. Could do the 6 15s with the same subs but that throws that weird ohm loud out there.

i'd spend the money on 2 decent subs and install them correclt and set them up rite, i'd say they'll last longer and you wont forever be changing out blown subs ect

Weighing your options 2 high end 15's or 18's in a simple box or going full wall with half a dozen crap tier subs. Either should get you about the same place for the same money. My opinion is that a pair of really nice ones would be simpler.

If I get the money together I'll put it to the test and see. On amazon I could easily get 4 crappy 15s for under 250.

Any suggestions for a better quality 15? Probably something in the $220-300.

Ill see if I can get 1 decent one louder than the 4 crappy ones.

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