cheap installation

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    Multiple cheap large subwoofers vs a few more expensive subwoofers

    I am wondering what everyone's opinion is on whether it would be easier to get a loud system using several cheap 15-18in subwoofers vs something like 2 nice 15s or 18s. I have a friend that just wants a really loud system and doesn't care about SQ but doesn't want to spend too much money. Ive...
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    Indianapolis or Bloomington Area Installations

    I just recently bought a 12" Dual Sub that runs 300 RMS/500 Peak, two Legacy 10" Subs that run 200RMS/400 Peak, a Dual 400w Mono Amp, and a Legacy 300w 4ch amp. I also bought two 8 gauge wiring kits for the amps. My plan was to install these myself (I've only done research on how to do it...