Morel Maximo 3way or tempo 2way?

ItsHammer Enthusiast
Apr 16, 2020
Getting ready to upgrade my front stage and I noticed I can get the 3way maximo for about the same price as the 2way. I know subjectively 3way is better, but I believe the build quality and frequency handling of the tempos would be a little better than the maximo. Would it even be noticeable? Also, I'd have to modify my doors in some way for the 3way which I've never done. Could I just mount some mdf rings on the panel itself for the midrange? Since it won't be playing any low notes, I don't think the flexibility of the door panel would make a difference. Or would it? The 6.5 would be mounted in the door like normal, then the 3" and tweeter would be right next to each other on the door panel just above the 6.5"

That's alot of work I've never tried before and I don't want to screw it up which is why I'm still considering the tempo 2way. Any advice or thoughts?

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