Minimalistic low cost radio replacement

Bublifuq Newbie
Oct 4, 2021
i have a very weird question. I need to replace car radio with something very minimalistic and low cost with only aux output. Nothing more, nothing less. I am not really technically skilled so i need your help to find something small, cheap and easy to set up. I dont really care about some super sound quality, super volume or something like that, because everything is better then mobile speaker :D

The reason why i dont use normal radio is because my car is small, so i need this radio slot as storage space. I own Mercedes A Class W168.

So will somebody be able to help me?

Thank you


Why so Sirius?
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May 19, 2008
You can run a small amp and just run an aux jack to RCA's straight to the amp, and just have your phone as your radio, or an iPod or something.
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