MG ZRs - Good or Bad?

Kyle F

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Apr 30, 2018
Cambridge, England
Hey guys.

So this isn't particularly specific to car audio, however, I am looking for an MG ZR but unsure which to go for. 1.4 or 1.8L. I want a petrol, not a diesel though. The most I've seen in the UK being sold (some are petrol but not the one I want) are diesels. I want a blue one. My question though is what ampre is the alternator and would I be able to switch out the stock alternator for a 200A alternator as I want to run 2 Sundown Audio subwoofers.

As for the Sundown's, would it be possible to hook up 2x 10" DC Audio's but to their own amp(s) too? So 2x Sundown 10s, 2x DC Audio 10s? My thought is to wire a sort of "on/off switch" to the amps connecting to the Sundown subs, and another separate "on/off switch" to the amps for the DC Audios.




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Oct 15, 2005
Not many here, if any, will know much about MG, so it would probably be best to find an MG forum or site for that question. As for the car audio question, you should post it in the correct section. The Thunderdome is not for car audio.

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