Looking for recommendations on next subs.

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I know i know another one of these dang threads. I sold my 2 12" xv3 sundowns, they hit good and plenty loud but not enough spl for me. Im going to keep my salt 4 and am leaning towards 2 or 4, 15's or 18's. Ive been looking at the sundown SA's, U;s or possibly the xv2 if i decide to do 2 18"s. I was also looking at dc audio lvl 3's if i decided to do 4 subs, but im curious if you guys have other recommendations. Id like to keep the cost of the subs to about 400-500 each if i do 4 subs to about 6-750 if i do 2. im looking for spl, so if my escalade isnt falling apart then you guys made terrible recommendations. lol. Ill more than likely build the box myself as i like doing that kind of thing (more than likely ported). Im planning on running them at 1 ohm so obviously either 2-4ohm or 4-2ohm. What other brands should i be looking at?

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