Looking for help with a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee speaker upgrade


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Hi everyone...first time posting here so hopefully this is the right place to ask for some assistance.

A little background...I started installing car stereos back in the 1980's, when things were a lot more simple //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

In 30 or so years I probably done 100+ systems....some very basic installs, up to competition five figure $$$ projects. (not my money, just did the designs and actual labor)

That all said, I've only done a handful of jobs in the past 5 years...most of my work was back in the 90's. Stock systems are now way more integrated into new vehicles and I dont do much side work any longer.

I want to upgrade the front speakers in a 2012 Grand Cherokee. The stock system has 6x9's in the front doors and what appear to be 1" tweeters in factory pods up near the corners of the dashboard.

The 6x9's are running a low-pass filter somewhere and only passing mids....confirmed this by attaching a full range speaker to the leads (and got no highs) The tweeters obviously have a high-pass somewhere along the line. A quick look showed a capacitor sitting in the pod, so I am wondering if this is it, or, if this just a fail-safe for the speaker itself.

I pulled up the wiring diagrams for the head unit...it appears that the crossover is within the unit itself. There are amplified leads coming right out of the harness for the tweeter and for the door speakers.

Here is my goal....I want to replace the 6x9's and tweeters with a better set of seperates.

Here is my challenge.....I want a pure, amplified, full-range signal to feed the aftermarket crossover that will come with the new speaker set.

If the crossover is already inside the head unit, is there any way to even accomplish this?

I dont want to buy a decent set of seperates and use the stock crossover...it defeats the purpose. (my primary goal is to get better highs...the stock tweeters are really weak and down a few dB in the mix - I want to get a good set of crossovers and run the tweeters at 0dB and potentially drop the mids 3dB)

So.....anyone have an direct experience with the Jeep (or other Chrysler / Mopar product)?

Failing that, anyone encounter the same situation with another manufacturer and have a good solution?

I really want to avoid going with an aftermarket head unit....my goal would be to keep the system bone stock, except for the front door speakers.

This old school installer from 'back in the day' would love to hear from the 'new school' on the best way to deal with this.

Thanks in advance for your ideas....looking forward to discussing the build.



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Off the bat i can think of running an LOC on the tweeter channel then running the 6x9s off of an amp



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Off the bat i can think of running an LOC on the tweeter channel then running the 6x9s off of an amp
What is an LOC?

I was going to take the radio out this morning and see what the wiring looked like but the bezel isn't coming out very easily.

Found a few reference docs online and tried to remove it, but the plastic feels like its going to snap when I apply pressure to it.

I'm feeling a bit stumped....not sure what to do with the doors and now I can't even get the stock radio out to see what my options are.

Frustrated....hoping that there is either a GC owner here or an installer that is familiar with this vehicle.

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