Looking for car amplifier technician or specialist


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Jan 22, 2019
Hi. I have a car audio amp that has some problems.

A while ago I had a voltage spike of 18v+ from my alternator that killed my amp. The result was many mosfets blowing. About 10

I had it repaired by some techs in Florida and I have had it running for a week now. While I was driving a mosfet blew while there was no output by the amplifier and my voltage was at a steady 14.4. The amp was however hooked up and “on”. But again with no watts being outputted. And no voltage change.

what could caused this again? The amp was simply just powered on.
Also it wasn’t a voltage spike this second time because they only occur on crank and I always hook my amp up after I crank (until I get my external voltage regulator)


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Nov 1, 2019
Sounds like a shorted or faulty rectifier. I imagine they would have to been replaced also and the power stage caps.( The big ones). As well as the gate resistors. Non of the capacitors are bulged or popped?

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