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I have a 2019 Toyota Tacoma. Unfortunately I had to get the JBL Premium package because there was something else that required that package to be on the truck.
Me being stubborn, I thought maybe I would benefit from upgrading the speakers and it would be good enough. During that time, I sound deadened and dampened the entire cab. Butyl and closed cell foam.
So I swapped the speakers and the subwoofer in the factory enclosure. Replaced the factory tweeter with the 3.5" speaker. So I'm sort of stuck with low Ω speakers and don't really want to go through the hassle of swapping things around again.

JBL GX9638 - 6"x9" - 2.3Ω
JBL GX328 - 3.5"- 2.3Ω
JBL GX628 - 6.5"- 2.3Ω
Rockford Fosgate - P3SD2-8 - 2Ω

Then I ended up grabbing one of those Chinese PX6's. It was cheap. Did ok and I was content-ish.
Some how when it got super cold the head unit froze. Hardware and software. The freezing issues were present before and it was a pain. Factory reset and all, it seems finished. Trying to flash something else to see if I can get it to function.

So here I am. I don't want to spend much. But I will if I have to.
Was looking into it and came across the Pioneer 6600NEX/7600NEX. Then figured the lower models for a fraction of the price sounded good.

Mainly want dual camera input. Front and Rear. Since I have the camera installed.
Any suggestions that might play nice and be decent with the speakers and the JBL crap in there? I do want to check into splitting off the subwoofer, adding an amp just to power that.
Do prefer something flush mounted. Don't really like buttons. Just like a clean
Do the main audio companies offer head units with full Android OS? Are they all the factory limited and crippled? It was nice to be able to stream and browse when waiting around. I think it was mostly knowing it was a full tablet accessable to me.
Prefer Waze.
Haven't messed with Android Auto. Thinking about throwing the original JBL Entune 2.0 head unit back in and seeing how it goes. Damn it was slow and sluggish.

Saw one shop made a plug and play harness. Makes everything ready for install. Simplifies things with a Sony XAV-AV8100.
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