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I bought a Pioneer TS-WX1220AH powered subwoofer box from facebook marketplace for $375. I seen retail was like $700 and he still has 5 months left on the warranty. He gave me the receipt and all. Subs work fine but I wanted to ask a few questions on these things since the first time I've had a Powered setup.

Specs list
1000 watts Nominal/RMS 3000 watts Peak (subs)
600 watts Nominal/RMS 1200 watts Peak (Amp)

Does anyone know the series the Subs and the Amp are. I've looked all over the interwebz and nothing. I've got a JL Audio XD1000/1v2 still sitting in an unopened box when I was building my system last year but my revenue took a hit because of this Covid and waiting for a a fairly profitable month to finalize it with a pair of W6's.

I wanted to take the JL amp and power the Pioneer subs cause I know they would sound better, but I don't want $375 to burn up for no reason. Thats why i'm trying to find some accurate specs instead of the hit or miss crap from Pioneer.

Any input would be great.

Have a great day!!!

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I would not attempt to power those subs with anything other than the built-in amp. It is very probable that the slash amp makes more power than whatever subs Pioneer uses and may be too much for them and it may even be that the built in amp has some EQ or filtering present to make a complete system out of their package. Notch boost or filtering is not unusual for tailor made speaker systems and Pioneer may well use something like that to dial in best performance of their woofers.
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