Kicker KS Speaker Pods


Jun 8, 2018
Saint Marys, GA
Any thoughts on these? I saw them and was like that is exactly what I am looking for!


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Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
It would be nicer if someone made pods like that unloaded so you could use your own drivers. Looks like a good idea at least.


Jun 8, 2018
Saint Marys, GA
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I agree. Watching the Kicker video/demo of these, they can be rotated and angled a lot to pretty much cover whatever install. The tweeter housing rotates around the mid housing and you can also move the mid housing on the mounting point.

Coolhand20th Elite
Mar 27, 2019
I will have to look but there was someone that posted a link at DIYMA for a shop or guy that will make custom pods for any vehicle. And iirc he had some that were like this as well.

I'll try to see if I can still find the link someplace as I looked at it and asked him about making a custom setup for my Explorer for the A-Pillars instead of doing them in the doors so the tweeters were coming right at me instead of the side.

Kicker is Kicker but I have used their components in the past with decent luck. I still have a nib refurbished component set I bought years and years ago for 35 bucks from their eBay account and icr the model but friend of mine had them in a Jeep and they sounded pretty decent not the top of the line but for a budget setup they were nice.

Their tweeters I've used on their own in my own '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee in that 2.5" spot and I liked them. They were definitely better then the more expensive Pioneer's I had in before that. Used a 3.5" set in my '84 Olds Cutlass and yeah its a 3.5" but other then the Eclipse setup I used in there they sounded ok as well.

Definitely something I might be interested in as well. If you purchase lemme know how they sound.
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