How to mix 2 inputs (sterero cinch and iso to one amplifier)

asparkofmark Newbie
Jan 5, 2021
Hi guys
New here and to car audio in general...
Last two years I converted a Fiat Ducato 2017 into a camper van and now its time to upgrade the sound =)

I want to be able to play music while driving as well as standing.
I have 400ah 12v leisure batteries and plan to use them to power an amp (current favorite: Eton 150.4)

I struggle to figure out a good and cheap way to combine audio sources.

The van has the default radio with the builtin navigation system.
As I am using home assistant to automate the van and I want to integrate music as well, I am using a Pi4 with an Allo Boss DAC hut as Music Server (MPD). It has a stereo cinch output.

Now I need some help to get both sources into the planned amplifier:
I assume the van has an ISO-plug?
How can I mix the low/high from the car with a stereo signal?
Or should I split the stereo signal and use a mixer for two high/low?

It would be nice if I can play the music from the server but still get voice/sound (navigation, alerts etc) from the car.

Does this make sense? Is it possible? What would I need in terms of adapter/ converter/ mixer?
As said, beginner here, so maybe my idea isn't smart and there is a better way?

In terms of speakers I planned to get the Audio System M 165 DUCATO EVO to replace the default speakers and somewhen later add 2 more speakers...

Happy to provide more details if necessary =)

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