High Output Alternator for Mazda


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Sep 24, 2021
Hi. I read through the sticky on high output alternators but it didn't appear to answer the questions I have. I'm interested in upgrading the 130amp OEM alternator for a 2021 Mazda CX-30 2.5L Turbo AWD to a high output alternator. Since the vehicle is so new I'm not finding much available information. Other than possible part numbers for the OEM alt:

PAF3-18-300A - Cylinder Deactivation;w/cyl deactivation
PAF4-18-300A - Exc.Cylinder Deactivation;w/o cyl deactivation

Does anyone know if there will be any issue(s) with the it communicating/causing errors with the vehicle's ecu/software or has anyone encountered vehicles that are not compatible with an aftermarket high output alternator? I ask this because I am under the impression that the CX-30 has a variable voltage alternator which varies the voltage from 12V to 25V. If the OEM alternator has variable voltage from 12 to 25V, will a high output aftermarket alternator be capable of the same?

Background on the system: the variable voltage OEM alternator is for a brake energy regeneration system they call i-ELOOP and it continuously recovers kinetic energy as the vehicle decelerates and reuses it as electricity. It utilizes a variable voltage alternator and low-resistance, high-capacity electric double layer capacitor (EDLC). A conventional alternator charges at around 12 volts (V), however i-ELOOP's variable voltage alternator can vary its output voltage from 12 V to 25V in response to the voltage level of the capacitor and making it possible to continually supply electricity to the capacitor. The system recaptures kinetic energy when the car decelerates (accelerator released). This is energy that previously went to waste. When the accelerator is released, an alternator driven by the rotation of the tires generates electricity which is transferred to the capacitor. Improved engine efficiency occurs when accelerating. The alternator is switched off when the driver steps on the accelerator and the capacitor supplies electricity to the car's electronic components. The engine is relieved from the task of producing electricity resulting in improved fuel economy.


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Mar 27, 2019
You are best to contact a HO Alternator company and ask them those questions. Several of them are out there just send them some emails or facebook messages and see what they say. Singer I can tell you will respond faster on facebook then email and a couple of those companies that are out there that I wouldn't use but that is just me and what I have heard from people along with bad customer service as well.

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