HID problems


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Apr 10, 2013
Lebanon, TN
LEDs will generally outperform an HID in reflector type housings but not always in a projector. Although some luxury cars have very bright LED projectors.

I have LEDs in stock style housings and they're very bright with a decent cutoff. Not a razor sharp cutoff like projectors, but MUCH better than HIDs in reflector housings and possibly even better than halogens too.

I use Atshark 10400LM bulbs. (yes the rating is probably very inflated but they work well). Most LED bulbs are junk but these had great reviews and work great for me. I did my research before buying them, instead of buying the cheapest LED I found on ebay.



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Jan 22, 2008
halfway, mo.
the whole "get what you pay for with hid" is b.s.! the kits we sell here are close to $200 a set, and we still have issues with the china plugs and connectors they use! i now cut them off and hard wire them in my own vehicles. doesnt matter what you use if the company has crap connectors!



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Aug 7, 2006
I just swapped every light in my daily (including headlights, turn signals, blinker switchbacks and running lights) to LED and couldn't be happier with the price, output and ease of install. I had problems with HIDs constantly (mostly DDM).


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