HELP! How can i fix this system??

OtisWallace Newbie
Apr 3, 2021
The details:

Crutchfield helped me put this ensemble together for a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek which consisted (prior to my installation) of door speakers (front and rear) and 3.5 inch dash speakers.

What they recommended, and what has been installed is as follows:

Dash: JL Audio C2-350x

Front Doors: Focal 690 AC (2 - way-coax)

Rear Doors: Morel Maximo 602 Ultra (2 - way coax)

Dash speakers are powered by headunit (probably pushing aroudn 15 - 20 watts).
Headunit goes through an LC7i LOC into a 4 channel pioneer amp (100w/channel @4ohm) that powers the four doors (Pioneer GM-DX874)

LC7i has accubase threshold set to max (as to ensure the factory subaru stereo does not roll off base)

Pioneer amp has HPF set to ~80-90Hz for both front and rear channel.

This was professionally installed and I have to assume that the signal path from Headunit --> LOC --> amp gain has been done properly.

I have 2 primary issues.

1) Everything is a bit bright. To combat this I wish i would have gone with components but that is not what was recommended. There is so much energy in the mids and upper frequencies because there are tweeters everywhere (at least this is why i think this is occurring)

2) lower frequencies are either non-existant, or distorted - which leads me to believe I need to adjust HPF (but i dont see how this helps because i likely wouldnt go lower),

So my question to all of you brilliant car audio minds. If you were struck with the above, how would you correct? Money can be spent but must be spent appropriately given the situation (ie: im not going to throw good money after bad). Also, i want components under seats and not in the hatch...with the exception of a sub, should i go this route.

Examples of things im questioning.........

a) scrap the front door coaxes (sell them off) and start again with components.
b) keep as is and add powered sub
c) keep as is and replace 4 channel amp with 5 channel amp and add a sub
d) add a dsp and roll of the high freqs somewhere in the system
e) Scrap the 3.5inch dash tweeters because they compete with the frequencies of the doors
f) get an amp with a band-pass filter and tune one of the door channels to become a midbass
g) dynamat doors to help control the energy
h) etc.

Im open to suggestions. Thanks All!

Kickstand Well Known
Jan 1, 2021
Maple Ridge
So I think you need to add a active crossover to the whole setup
It will allow you to tune your front end.
IMO the crossovers that are built into the amps ****.
You should also add a sub or 2, you don't have to do anything crazy.
It doesn't sound like you want shake the car bass you just want some mid bass
A pair of 8's in a sealed box or boxes to save space would do what you are looking for
They can put something on the sides in your trunk area that would take up very little space
Don't ditch the 4 channel for a 5 channel.
The subs should run off their own amp.
Something mono block that lines up with the power requirements of whatever you choose to put in

nauc Veteran
10+ year member
Mar 22, 2005
id run good component speakers up front, sub in the back and amp them

ditch the rest

fwiw, Focals are bright sounding

cant go wrong with JL, if you can afford them

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