FS: Rockford Fosgate T1000.1BD monoblock $80 shipped

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T1000.1 mono block amp

Non working. Has served me well since 2007. I was in a car accident and it knocked off one of the rca Jack's off the ampD6I didn't know this at first but when I got the car home and started the car the rca . jack that fell out touch the casing and grounded out the amp rendering it useless. I just bought another amp instead of repairing it.

I just recently got a hifonics Brutus 1200w amp and this fosgate was much cleaner, louder, and smoother bass notes. i had it pushing 2x diamond D612D4's 600rms rating in a diamond spec built box in 2ohms and this amp would merk em

I can't find the cover tho as I took it off some years agoView attachment 26552060View attachment 26552061View attachment 26552062 for better heat desipation.

$80 paypaland shipped to lower 48 states, basically I only want $50 but shipping is pretty high

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Yeah so sad something so simple ruined it cause it was still great after all those years. I know there is some cats here that repair these amps and resale them. Wish I knew how to fix her. Loved that amp. She never failed to impress. And now having a Brutus 1200w I realize how impressive it was and why I paid so much for it 8 years.

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