Double baffle or good bracing?

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Just curious. What's the opinion on when a double baffle is need and when is box bracing sufficient?

My buddy has a wood shop so we're building my box together (in exchange for me wiring his car) and I'm double baffling anyway since I have the space. I'm doing 4 CT Sounds Meso 12's in 5.5 cube net.

But I'm curious and I could find a thread when I searched.

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I’m not sure what most people do, but I usually double baffle when power gets over 750 watts rms in any combination of subs. Corners always get 45s regardless, even if it’s a 50 watt sub. 45s in corners strengthen the most likely points of failure and aren’t technically bracing. With bracing i do a 13 rule. Any stretch longer than 13 inches gets some type of bracing, depending on power. Sometimes a dowel rod is sufficient or window pane bracing, depending on how much power is being pushed.

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IM NO PRO... I built my box using 3/4" plywood and i used bracing around all edges with a dowel rod through the middle to support the behemoths. Im running 2 18" Sundown X V2's with a salt 4. Ive been running this for a couple weeks now and love it. Im running this in an Escalade and just about everything flexes including the box lol. Im waiting on a few items in the mail just to clean up the wiring but will be pulling the subs out and when i do i will be adding a double baffle on top to help support the weight and probably add some more bracing in the middle. I wish i could have used 1" MDF when building or even 1" ply but couldnt find anything in that size within a 50 mile radius.


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For around 1k rms I’ll double up 1/2” for a 1” thickness all around. If doing a flush sub look I’ll add another .75” baffle depending on how tall the surround is
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