Do I need a midbass driver or is a midrange speaker good enough?

Blackout67 Recruit
Jul 2, 2021
I'm redoing the system in my 96 Cherokee so far I have 2 Deaf Bonce Machete Fight 15s and I'm looking to make my front stage loud enough with good clarity so my subs don't overpower my front speakers. Right now I have Component Kicker CS speakers hooked up to a JBL 2 channel and they sound alright but are slightly overpowered by the Hawk 12 I already have in there so I couldn't imagine what how bad it's gonna be with these 2 15s.

I was looking around for some decent quality speakers and I found a deal with some Deaf Bonce tweeters and mids together for like $150 and they're insanely loud the sensitivity on them is over 100 I'm pretty sure. The problem is that the mids only go down to 100hz. I try to cross my sub at 80hz to cut down on localization, and my box is tuned to 31hz so I feel like the 60-100hz section would sound abysmal if I tried to cross my sub to 100hz.

So would it really make a difference having a set of dedicated mid bass drivers JUST for say the 60-120hz range or should I spend the extra money and get a 3 way component set? Only problem with that is mounting. Currently I have my 6.5s in the door with my tweeters mounted on my sail panels I've no clue where I'd put a mid range driver

SlugButter Elite VIP
Nov 5, 2019
I run my mid bass from 65-2500 hz. Tweeter 2500-20000. If I had a 3 way setup in front I would do 65-500 on the mid bass. Midrange 500-2500. Those are starting points for my crossovers and always move from there,, but Mid-range speakers usually won't like playing too far below 200 hz. Most won't anyway. Some may play lower, but power handling drops way off when you get too low with Mid-ranges.

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