Dayton Audio Reference HE “Amateur“ Box Build


That Guy
Aug 4, 2019
Finally got my box built and tuned how I like it. These subs sound damn good! I had one of those “I wAnNa DesIgN mY oWn boX 🥴” moments just because I’ve never done it before. My goal was 4 cubes net @ 32 hz. Port is 4”x13.5”x29.25”. I was pretty disappointed when I first hooked them up. They sounded loud, but punchy and they emphasized the higher frequencies… if that makes sense. I like loud, but I don’t care for higher frequencies so I pulled them out and extended the port 9”; so with the longer port and less net volume I have no clue what their tuned to now 🤦🏻‍♂️. BUT they sound great now! Not as loud, but way more accurate. They get down, and the low frequencies have some authority now. So I’m pleased.


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Apr 29, 2009
They sound great. I love them. They’re smooth and get low and loud. I’d recommend them. I’d guess I’m pushing around 2k to them and they take it without any issue.
That's what I was hoping to hear, I got two 15's that should be here Friday :)
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