Custom Enclosures/ Bristol, Virginia


1/1 of SexualConstipation
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Jul 10, 2006
Eastern NC
Last time I was in the store it was great. Awesome selection. Buys and sells used stuff. Does it all from sales to installs that are wicked clean.

Scotty is the owner and he'll hook you up.

Has mega credentials out the assticosha....

Trust me, if you're in the area...check it out.

10 out of 10



Walking TSP Encyclopedia
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Dec 21, 2008
Small Town VA
I frequent the place to clear out their trade in equipment (components, coaxials, subs, cross-overs etc) i make a killing off these guys by reselling local, Greg and Scotty are both great, their installers are sub-pro but if you need Kicker, Memphis, Diamond or Orion thats a nice place to pay over retail for some new equipment, lol. Oh yeah, they have clarion too, A good selection of head units and given their sub standard equipment they (greg and scotty) are very knowledgeable. I sometimes pass box requests on to them and pay them to help me get caught up. They aren't the best place, but the best place in bristol for sure.



Jan 1, 2012
The Backroads

I noted that you haven't posted in a bit, but am dropping you a PM re:installs in hopes you are still active. Hope you don't mind.


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