car audio shops in houston

Wobbly Woofers

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Mar 22, 2012
Houston, TX
look bro you got on here and said " ***** both the customer and shop base in places like Houston and Dallas. They miss out on shops like what we have out here."

and kicker is street level. period. you have to spend a grand just to not have a little bitty 2.5 inch coil. i didnt call the overpriced power hungry weak warhorse street level, i called the whole line street level. and the fact is in the lanes kicker is weak.

i sell more kicker than anything. but its not the biggest. thats all. if you disagree, keep kidding yourself.



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Jun 18, 2009
Aubrey, Tx
Ok i am going to bump this thread up and see what i can find. In the Houston/Cypress area and looking for a nice really clean install for my 2012 Yukon Denali. Looking for more bass and a nice clean sound with a good custom enclosure. I want it to blend in and match the factory color and looks (As far as the enclosure is concerned). Didn't know if Wobbly was more about just pumping out huge bass or if they do work like this or if a shop like Custom Car Stereo would be a better option. Please don't think i am slamming wobbly or any other shops because I'm not, i just know some shops don't like to do the stealthy, clean, custom stuff and would rather just do regular installs and huge bass. Any help is greatly appreciated because i don't want a ****** install in a $60k ride. Thanks ks



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Jan 13, 2004
I would say look around and decide what kind of setup you want. Then decide how you would like the install to look. If you're ok with a basic setup or even something a little above basic then the options for what you can do or where you can go open up a decent amount.


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