Building a subwoofer,need some information

Bhay71 Newbie
Feb 27, 2021
Owensboro ky
Im building a 15” sub out of a 10” i had.this is a learning experience to me.i have some questions,if someone would be kind enough to help me out alittle.
1-spiders i got a few different ones from lord of and black.i think both are dual layer(which ones are a stiffer).i have a 246 oz motor i got 2” winding fw coil.(original coil was 1.78).i have a 2000 sfb amp.(which spiders should i use and how many)
Im just trying get a idea bc i dont want a one note wonder sub.i know the parts for the 15” are going to be heavier than the 10” parts so i know that the spiders may have to be alittle stiffer to compensate.they are progressive spiders.(and if spiders are too soft it could lead to mechanical failure correct?)maybe someone could give me a short answer to my question.thanks

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