Budget Bass Build Suggestions for Christmas


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Had honestly completely forgotten about this post honestly I've been on the post and haven't been able to buy anything do to my bank account being hacked into and currently waiting on my new bank card to ship.

I understand what you all are saying everything thing is subjective in terms of sound quality. My main thing I'm looking for is something that will stand up to a 16 year old abusing it. He doesn't know much about audio and more than likely I will be the one installing it and tuning it to the preferences I've acquired over the past few years that I've been into audio.

I heavily considered a preloaded Skar package but Skars customer service is terrible judging by Amazon reviews (they delete bad reviews on their website). I think I'm going to get one of their 12 inch boxes and if it arrives damaged I can easily fix it. I'm gonna throw an NVX VSW 12 in there and call it a day I'm sure he'll be happy either way and my VCW sounds pretty good

Actually, Skars customer service has been great when I have had to contact them. I had a refurbished amp show up DOA. They had me send it back to them. And they sent me a new one. Their communication was great. Alot of people had issues with the owner. I don't know him, I know of the issues from the past, but I also believe that people can change. Even if he didn't, I like their products. Budget bang for budget prices.
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