Bridging Amp channels where one channel is blown

Jojo_Gutts Newbie
Jul 4, 2020
New york
even though I am a noob I love car audio and learning about it. I recently did my install with sound deadening etc and it was one of the most rewarding things I have done. In the process I got an amp off ebay (sony xplod 440ex) which was 4 channel and met my needs. However turned out that the left channel (both front and rear) was not working (or maybe it was the right but wasnt working for front and rear). The other channel worked fine for front and back and I ran it for few weeks no problem. I ditched the amp got something else but now I am experimenting with it. Looking to possibly try to fix it to for experience.

The amp is rated for 40W RMS X 4 channels (4ohms) and 100 X 2 channels (4 ohms) bridged. My question is:

What happens if I bridge the amp with positive wire from the working channel going to speaker and negative from speaker going to negative of the blown channel? From what I can gather in wiring diagrams one of the channels (negative) is only providing the ground? I mean the user manual of the amp shows positive from left going into negative of right for establishing a bridge connection. Why cant I do a positive from right to negative of left? Can someone help me understand what would happen if I bridge and why?

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