Brainstorming enclosure ideas, could use a little input

mat3833 Elite
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Mar 12, 2008
Little backstory:

My last setup was a pair of JBL W15's infinite baffle. I sealed the trunk off from the interior, made a 1.5" thick Birch ply baffle to mount behind the rear seats in the pass through for the trunk, and I absolutely loved it. Bass was responsive, it completely murdered the lows, and after welding and reinforcing the rear deck after tearing some of the welds I had no problems running 1800w to the pair of JBL's.

Now I'm putting together a new system in a new car and I'm going with either a single custom 12 based on a neo beehive motor, a single 10w6v2, or potentially the single W15 I have left. I've decided I don't want to cut the rear deck up on this car, so that leaves me with either a small sealed/ported enclosure or I can build another baffle and seal up my trunk. However, this time I'm wondering if I would be able to make a "ported" infinite baffle since I will have room on the baffle for a rather large port.

I'm not even sure how to go about modeling something like this. I know I could just look up the trunk volume of a 2003 jetta sedan, but I keep a rather large amount of tools in my trunk and I feel like it would greatly affect the tuning depending on what I'm hauling to work that week. If I go the custom 12 route I'm confident that Corey could build a monster to fit just about any enclosure I decide to go with, and I'm not expecting the same ammount of output as the JBL pair. But I feel like going with a "ported" infinite would give me the best of both worlds when it comes to output and trunk space.

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