Big screen HDTV in Van

Gary S Elite
10+ year member
May 25, 2006
Ex JL Audio Rep
So I'm thinking about building a car audio demo van...........I want to use a cargo van, bolt down the rear doors and put a big screen TV right across the rear doors...........maybe a 32".......... how can I do this? A 12 volt to 110 volt converter? will it handle the load?

The first problem I see, I don't think car audio gear is compatible with HDMI wires?

I took a quick look at sonic electronics, the biggest monitor they have is 9"......that's not a big screen.

Model numbers or links to products would be appreciated.


Cru Newbie
Mar 22, 2021
Bloomington, IL
This thread is a bit dated, but since noone responded I wanted to ressurect it. I've got a 2015 Transit that I've converted into a motovan and have a 32" LCD mounted. I'm in the process now of a stereo build and was wondering if anyone could provide some input on how to get the TV connected to the head unit...or possibly direct to the amps??

Output options are HDMI, Digital Optical or headphone jack.

Kickstand Well Known
Jan 1, 2021
Maple Ridge
You might need to get a DSP
My 360.3 has an optical input on it .
It would help if you listed the equipment your are running or thinking of running.
If your replacing your HU then you can look for one with a optical input.
There are a few that have them but your options are limited.
I've personally never seen anything with HDMI car audio wise but maybe someone else has.
Stay away from the headphone jack

Cru Newbie
Mar 22, 2021
Bloomington, IL
Tks Kickstand- I went a bit simple on this build since it's for the van and not a daily driver. Atoto F7 Pro HU and hopefully using some old Precision Power amps and a Coustic x-over that I've had in storage for about 20 years.

The F7 doesn't have anything other than an Aux input that will work. Since posting this, I started thinking about an HDMI to RCA adapter and using splitters at the amp. Something like these guys:

HDMI to RCA converter
Splitter #1
Option 2


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