Base System Upgrade - 2016 Toyota Camry

BigRedNole Newbie
Aug 19, 2019
Like the the title says, I have a 2016 Toyota Camry SE Special Edition. This is the non-JBL, 6-speaker setup (2x 3" in the dash, 2x 6x9 in the front doors, 2x 6x9 in the rear deck). Everything is stock and this is what I am trying to accomplish:

1. I want excellent sound quality. Do not mistake this with loud. Excellent sound quality livens up the music to begin with.
2. I am open to a 2-way and 3-way system but 3-way will be a little more difficult.
3. With high enough quality in the front, I do not need the rear speakers. Rather spend an extra $100 or so on the fronts.

Upgrades: I will upgrade the head unit, upgrade the front speakers, add an amp that fits the front speakers, and add a sub to the trunk (this may be a month or two later).

Budget: I am willing to go up to $500 for the front speakers. If there is a justifiable reason to go to $600 or so, I would consider that too. However, if an excellent set can be had for $300, then good.

An idea of sound I like, I have a complete Chane surround system in my theater room that is incredible. I like being able to hear the distinct tones of the music. Although I don't listen to it, if listening to an orchestra, I want to be able to hear all of the different instruments. Another part I want is if you think some of the hard riffs from Metallica, I want the speakers to be able to handle it instead of just muddied noise. I think the sub would handle quite a bit of that, but the midbass needs to manage too.

Thanks for any recommendations.


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May 27, 2015
irvine, ca
Three way front stage plus sub stage is going to require a dsp so scrap rear deck speaker connection, focus on good two way front stage and run network. You got a way higher budget than I on front stage so spend some time ensuring you front doors are well treated to ensure best sq potential.

BigRedNole Newbie
Aug 19, 2019
I am guessing you mean some type of sound deadening material. If so, I have read Noico gets great reviews at a great price point.

To put it in perspective, I had to get a new car. I was looking at a bunch of options, but logic set in when I got an incredible deal on this used Camry. It was $10k less than others I was looking at, very roomy, comfortable, stylish, and $10k less. What I gave up was a little bit of nice leather to sit on AND a less than garbage sound system. Everything I have read says to spend on the fronts and ignore rears. So, this is my rough planning.

1. Fronts: 2-way most likely at ~$500. If someone has a recommendation for a great set for less, then better for me.
2. Head unit: Looking at something in the $400-$500 range (maybe Pioneer 4500NEX or other recommendations)
3. Amp: Something nice that fits the speakers ($150 - $300). Maybe 4-channel bridged or 4-channel for active (not sure about active setup though). I don't know what to do with an active setup without more research.
4. Sub: I don't want something that shakes the car, wakes the neighbors, or can be heard 3 neighborhoods away. I want it to have great sound quality and can handle fast low frequency hits without it being one long drawn out muffled garbage sound. This will be added in a few months unless I can get an idea of a good option that fits in my budget.

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