Amp “power” light stays on

TCW Newbie
Apr 17, 2019
I just installed a Sundown Audio SAE 2000d in my car today.. Have the power, ground, and remote wire hooked up. Only the green “power” light on top of the amp stays on. When I put the keys in the ignition and start the car, I hear the amp click (I guess meaning it has power). But when I turn the car off, I hear that same click (I guess meaning that it’s off). Why does that green power light stay on?


Talontsi90 VIP
Mar 14, 2019
Without a manual to refer to, im guessing you hooked up the remote wire to a constant power source. Did you read the manual?



Gunz That Turn on Nunz
Feb 5, 2013
South Coast Metro, CA
is the remote wire connected to the remote out of the head unit? Any strands of wire loose? Hows the wiring in the back of the head unit, is the remote wire loose and touching with the head unit constant wire?   With the head unit off, buy an male to male aux to RCA adapter and plug it into your phone then play music directly, if its playing, the amp is not off and it could be any of the previous issues I listed or a factory defect,  If you do the test not playing then the amp is off and there's just some issues with the LED.


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