American Bass subs?


Dec 13, 2014
You shopping for whores or drivers? Cuz that's how I like my whores. 
well...... not THAT cheap :D :D :D  but seriously, i am waiting for the XD 12" dual 2 to get in stock so i can get one and build a box for it. @shredder2 is your guy for box designs. He has solid blueprints he can give ya for very reasonable prices


shredder2 VIP
Nov 19, 2017
 @shredder2 is your guy for box designs. He has solid blueprints he can give ya for very reasonable prices
I just don't expect payment usually.. but hey, sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised

I haven't heard that word around here too much lately... peeps... lol



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Sep 30, 2009
I am a dummy whats inductance? And are these all specs that would be listed by a manufacturer?
The most basic way I can describe inductance is that it's an electromagnetic property and is an opposing force in the voice coil as it moves through the motor. Inductance affects transient response, the lower the inductance, the better the speaker will sound. All of those properties I mentioned earlier are expressed in the theile small parameters for a given speaker. 

Here is a more technical explanation that I found on a different site:


In the audio world, the inductance of the voice coil plays a large role on the design of the speaker Now we are getting deeper into the speaker electrical characteristics. To get more of an idea on how inductance works, let’s try to explain electromagnetic inductance first.

Electromagnetic inductance is the relationship between moving electrons and magnetism :

  • Moving electrons produce a magnetic field around the conductor.
  • Moving magnetic field makes electrons flow through a conductor.
For example : Imagine you have a coil of wire (the conductor) and a magnet that moves through the coil. This induces a voltage across the wire. As long as the magnet is moving, voltage is generated. Depending on the direction the magnet is moving, polarity of the voltage will be different.

Let’s take the other approach and apply a voltage through the coil. This will create a magnetic field around the coil and will act like a magnet. The magnetic field is intensified by increasing the number of spools on the coil. Doing so, we have created an inductor, which has a property called inductance.We measure inductance (L) in henrys.

Speaker electrical characteristics

How the speaker works is derived from this principle discussed earlier. The voice coil is surrounded by a permanent magnet, which is fixed. When you apply voltage to the coil, it generates a magnetic field, which interacts with the magnetic field of the fixed magnet. Because the audio signal is AC voltage, the coil will move up and down, depending on the polarity of the voltage. The cone of the speaker follows the movement of the coil and it produces sound.

If we look closely on how the voice coil of the speaker operates, we can see an interesting phenomenon. As the AC current flows through the coil, it creates a magnetic field around it, which expands and collapses, following the alternating fashion of the current. This constant changing magnetic field induces a voltage across the coil. This happens because we satisfied the requirements for electromagnetic inductance : a conductor, a magnetic field, and a relative motion between them. The motion comes from the expanding and collapsing magnetic fields. This induces a voltage across the coil which opposes the applied voltage, reducing current flow. This opposition of current flow is called inductive reactance. The higher the alternating frequency, the higher the inductive reactance and so the opposition of current flow.

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Oct 16, 2002


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Apr 13, 2018
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@THATpurpleKUSH thanks for the article. Maybe after I read it 10 more times it might make sense 🤣. But for real it gives me something to look for when viewing subs. 


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