Alternator question


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May 19, 2018
I recently put 2 10s and 1000 watt amp in a 06 mustang when I did my check charging system error showed up on the dash and my battery light keeps going on and off same with the charging system but when the battery light was off the car says the charging system is fine I unhooked the amp and drove it around a few days with no change but I put over 200 miles on it with the amp unhooked and everything seems fine and the battery gadge on the dash doesn't even wiggle unless the amp is hooked up is it possible the amp just pulled to much once and now the car has a dummy light because of it i haven't had anything tested yet waiting to have the money to buy parts if I need to it just seems weird it's off and on like that



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Jan 10, 2012
You may need a new battery but not sure until you get it checked. Go to autozone and they'll check it for free. I had a lot more power than that in my 06 Mustang and never had any issues with stock alt and battery. I did end up getting an agm battery once mine died.


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