4 wires in - 2 wires out


Sep 8, 2014
greensboro nc
i bought an amp that uses hi level inputs.im also using the factory head unit and the factory wiring harness for my input signal and output to speakers.the amp is a 5 channel ,so im getting my subwoofer signal from the two rear deck speakers which means i tapped into the left and right channel positive and negative wires in the harness for a total of 4 wires for my input signal. my problem is the output speaker side of amp sub channel is only two wires.since im using my factory harness which has four output wires to rear speakers how do i wire the two speaker wires coming out of amp? do i tap into only one rear channel or the positive of one channel and the negative of other?hope i explained it well.


CarAudio.com Newbie
Aug 27, 2019
I think you may be better off with a 4 channel and a mono.

But by any chance does your sub have an option to generate a sub signal from the 4 inputs?
It’s usually a dip switch. It tells the amp where to get the signal from. I can post a picture in a bit. Kinda explaining what I mean. English isn’t my major lmao

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