2018 Chevy Colorado front speaker wire colors???


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Aug 11, 2019
Hi, new here.

Have installed stereos all my life in a lot of different vehicles (all mine) and this is the first time to add to an existing factory system instead of ripping it out and installing all what I want.

2018 Chevy Colorado, I don't want to re do the whole system so before I do that I am going to try and add tweeters for extra highs and I have a JL audio 10" shallow sub with a box that goes under the back seat. Have LOC for the signal, have the amps bought along with all hardware to do the job. Going to install soon.

Need to know for sure the colors of the front speaker output wires from the head unit.

I searched but did not get anything from this site.

I have what is supposed to be the 2017 colors but before I open up the dash I want to feel more confident.

Thanks for any help.


Team Lethal Pressure
10+ year member
Jan 22, 2010
Google. Colorado truck forums. We don't have alot of factory vehicle wiring diagrams here.

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