2007 Denali XL: Box placement and design.


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Jun 7, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio
AS;RT (Attention span read thoroughly) Current Setup: I have a 2007 Denali XL with the third row seats removed. I've been running a prefab kicker box (Google: Kicker-40DCWR122) with the box against the driver side wall at the back of the hatch. The woofers are facing the passenger side and the port is on the side of the box facing the back of the hatch.

What I've tried and learned so far: Originally the third row seats were in, I had the box with woofers facing hatch and port 6in from driver side wall. This sounded great.

I then removed the seats for more trunk space. I placed the box all the way up to the second row seats. I tried front firing and back firing with the port 6in from the wall. The amount of SPL lost was wildly noticeable.

Next I tried putting the box where I have it now. The port 6in from the back hatch. Originally I had them firing up, but then I tried them firing to the side and it sounded slightly louder.

The future setup: I'm a busy guy. No time to design or build a box.

I like the setup I have because I can utilize trunk space. I don't want to butt a box long ways against my hatch because it will make loading things like groceries and other etceteras a *****. However I can't seem to find any boxes stylized like the one that I'm running now.

My question to those with experience with similar power setups in SUVS:

Would putting the much more powerful x12's @3krms all the way back to the 2nd row captain seats produce good spl? I haven't had a chance to test a box where the woofers and port are firing the same direction. Would it be worth it to find someone to custom build me a box similar to the Kicker-40DCWR122 box. Would a front firing woofer and port box work well up firing?

Also I had the crazy idea to build a platform or some way of rigging the front facing box to stand up tall on the driver side wall in the back instead of having it lie down long ways. Some problems I imagine with this are having the woofer and port pushing air to the rear glass. For this I came up with the idea of incorporating a wooden wall to place in front of the box.

I've also wondered if placing a wooden board in front of the woofer and port but having the subs pushed up to the 2nd row seats would have a similar SPL to having them moved back to the hatch.

I'm interested in any constructive responses. Thank you.

TL;DR Side ported sub box save trunk space. Cant find them for x12's. Considered putting box all the way up to 2nd row seats facing back. Considered doing so with a wood board in front of box to possible increase spl to conserve trunk space. Looking for ideas to conserve trunk space and maximize SPL. Ty



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Apr 20, 2017
Woah man. I was in the same boat as you lol... same deal tried all different combos.... I gave up on a box being close to the rear hatch, lost too much storage space. So I ended up building a down fire box up against the second row. Got a good deal on 4 jbl gt5 12s for 150 new, and am running those. For the most part it is good, but I want to try to port it to the rear.

Here are my by ear results for against the 2nd row.

Rear fire- all sub 40 Hz sounded great, above was meh

Forward - meh all around

Up fire- meh all around

Down fire- 40ish and up great, below is meh with the windows up, pretty decent with the windows down.

So I believe with subs down, and ports rear I will achieve a fairly equal cabin gain. Just need to build a new box to test it.

This is in a 04 Yukon xl. Mine has a dip in the floor that these fire into and directs it under the 2nd row seats.


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