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hi guys i have 1 sundown sa 12 d4 and need a new amp. the one i had was a bad belva bb2000d and had it at 2 ohms rated at 900 rms. it recently blew up on me 2 days ago and have been shopping around. i would love to buy a sae 1200 but its not in the money right now. looking for something more reasonable but don't want to run anything bad as i already learned my experience. im running 4 gauge ofc knu wire on upgraded battery stock alt. ill be upgrading later but for now i want something that will run this around 800-900 rms and if i later on throw another sa 12 in there i can go 1 ohm with the same amp.

so any suggestions guys? can't seem to find anything without questioning if it will be alright or not, don't wanna be out the money.

thx guys

If you don't mind used I have a Mtx 7801 that's 800@ 2ohm or 1200@1 and is underrated. Seeing you live in Michigan too we might be able to just meet up. If not shipping would be really cheap.

Edit; just looked it up and your about 4.5 hours southeast of me. So shipping should be cheap and fast; )

Crescendo symphony 1500.1

The efficiency is so good that if you dont over do the gain because of your alt it will power your sa 12 perfectly.

It does 1000 watts at 2 ohms and is 300$ new.

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