sundown sa 12s

  1. T

    Hifonics Brutus elite 35th anniversary

    Im looking to build a setup with 2 sa12 750watt rms each and having a tough time deciding on a amp. A reputable car audio shop where i live suggest me using a hifonics brutus elite 35th edition (429.99 cad) 1700watt rms at 1ohm. I mentioned to them that hifonics has recently gone down in quality...
  2. Chadrbns

    1 Sundown SA 12 D4 Amp Suggestions

    hi guys i have 1 sundown sa 12 d4 and need a new amp. the one i had was a bad belva bb2000d and had it at 2 ohms rated at 900 rms. it recently blew up on me 2 days ago and have been shopping around. i would love to buy a sae 1200 but its not in the money right now. looking for something more...
  3. cooper1123

    2 Sundown SA 12s D4s

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 Sundown sa 12s Item(s) Description/Condition: d4s v2s 600 watts rms LOL!!! Were purchased new from Sundown in July Had these and 2 more in a Silverado on 2 apsm-1500s Did a few demos for a few months and now getting into the SQ game 8/10 on condition due to the paint...
  4. InFaMoUs119

    Does anyone build Custom boxes and ship?

    does anyone on these forums build sub enclosures and ship them out to the buyer? im looking have a box built for dual 12in sundown sa's or dual 15 sa's vented and tuned for low bass street bangin any help on a great builder that ships would be much appreciated thanks!.
  5. Tbsh

    Sundown Sa 12 vs. Obsidian 12 vs. Skar vvx 12

    Okay so im going to be doing a new build since I just got some extra money:). So between these 3 subwoofers what is the main diffrenece? If I run any of these subs(2) they will be in a trunk setup with about 4.1-4.3 cubes tuned at 31 Hz. Powered by a MB Quart Onyx 1500D. With the given room and...
  6. cshaw

    2 sa 12's d4's 275 picked up!

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 sundown sa 12's d4's Item(s) Description/Condition: only ran them at rated power on an orion 1200d. each sub can basically take that amp daily as they are laughably rated at 600 rms each. ive had them for a couple months now and i need some room back in my hatch. gonna...