Memphis big belle 5 channel and morel 4 wr midbass for


Feb 3, 2014
United States
Im in need of some high out put midbass drivers

Id like to get a pr of JL 8 inch but will consider all

I have a memphis Big belle 5 channel in Perfect working order

I also have a like new pair of Xtant [morel] wr 4 inch midbass...only powered up once

These are also for sale inbthe classifieds

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Jul 24, 2005
RMS Ratings-12v

4 x 75W + 1 x 300W @ 4 ohm

4 x 115W + 1 x 600W @ 2 ohm

1 x 1100W @ 1 ohm (subwoofer channel)

2 x 230W @ 4 ohm bridged (main channels)


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