1. Pyropin

    Soft 10" Spiders, Spider Spacers, 12" Cones, 12" Ti Baskets, Push Terminals

    Looking for some of the above, I know a few of these can be had from well known sites/sources, but figured it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone had any lying around. Soft compliance 10" (or 9.75") spiders are, however, not one of those items easily found these days; both linear and progressive...
  2. silvercookie

    Mach5 or Phoenix Gold RSD 6.5 mids.

    Looking for a set of of Mach5 Audio 6.5" mids or a set of Phoneix Gold (2007-2008) RSD 6.5" mids or full set if necesseary. Had both of these in my possesion and sold them a long time ago. Looking for another pair of each or either. Probably a long shot.
  3. nate56

    mmatts 2000.1 or a brazilian amp 1600+ 1ohm

    like title says looking for one of them... size is a issue so needs to have a small footprint looking to spend about 250
  4. W

    125-150x4ch shipped or picked up SoCal

    Looking for a 125-150 per ch amp. I am near LAX and local pickup would be ideal post or PM model # and price picked up/shipped Lmk, Tyvm Found an amp, pls close
  5. Audio4ever

    Summo 64

    Only need 1
  6. C

    Need amp 1500-2000 rms

    Powering two SA 12s, needing a mono block at 1 ohm Shipped to Canada Thanks
  7. P

    Trf, tsns, 4hp, tantric shd, dd 9500j, fi sp4 or ssa evils, or dd 95z 5 pillar motor

    Hi good day, interested in a pair or single motors or the above listed motors. PayPal payment and will want prices shipped to miami, Fl, 33178. Thanks. Pm or email me ([email protected]) or reply to thread
  8. Dirtrider4eva

    Equipment repair (eclipse cd8845 and orion hhca250r)

    Need My HU and amp repaired. unsure why they are having issues. Eclipse cd8445 screen is not working. all other buttons and inputs do work fine. orion hcca 250r amp will not turn on. once again, unsure why. looked to be repaired once before. Let me know some places / recommendations on repairs.
  9. slikrider20

    Jl 300/4

    I have had a couple JL amps and I love them. Such great, clean power and versatility. I'd be interested in the 300/4 or 300/4 V2. Has to be in good working condition with no issues. I have a 300/2 I'd be willing to trade as well - I won't need it anymore. Thanks!
  10. H


    Im looking for a deal on a dsp. I need 4 channels and 4v output minimum with a budget of 300. Bit 10 budget 250 Rockford .3 budget 250 Masconni budget 300 Mini dsp 6x8 budget 200 Any helix 350 or less Jl audio twk 300 Or similar dsp , nothing buggy or having problems...
  11. W

    FSD125.4 amp repair in SoCal

    hope I can find someone local. quote would be nice (with shipping if not in Los Angeles area). When I purchased this new, it had bad RCA's. Called manu and they told me they would fix and I forget the time frame. I asked if I could fix and they explained how to solder the RCAs back. I did just...
  12. GoonyGoblin

    Pioneer 80prs for a 200$

    As title says looking for a pioneer 80prs for 200 PayPal right now.
  13. T

    4HP Motor and 12/15" basket

    Looking to buy a motor and basket assembly that I can recone. Would love to finally try a tc 4hp. Anyone have one they'd part with? How much??
  14. Chevy Blazin'

    2 sets of 1.25" tweeters

    Looking to purchase 2 sets of 1.25" tweeters with x-over possible powerbass 3xl tweets
  15. nvturbo

    Old Skool amplifier UNDER $200

    In the market to buy an amp to run sub(s). I plan to get the amp first, then pick up some subs afterwards. Show me what you have. Thanks in advance. - must be working of course - 2 Channel or mono preferred - decent looking, no RUST - wattage not really an issue - under $200 shipped
  16. sharkman

    DD amp m1 or m2

    Looking for a good deal for a dd m1 or m2 amp. I know there's tons of amps out there but I wanted to see if I could finally get me hands on one. Let me know what you have and I'm in sf Bay Area 94509. Must have feedback and pics. Might take extra steps as well. This will power my dd 9512 I just...
  17. D

    8" Shallow Mount 2ohm

    Under 4" mounting depth, 8" needs to be SVC 2 ohm or DVC 4 ohm for a final 2 ohm load. Nothing crazy just replacing a factory subwoofer in a 2001 Tahoe.
  18. customtronic

    WTB: Zapco DC360.4

    I'm looking for a Zapco DC360.4. Cosmetics are not important but it must be 100% functioning. Price determined by seller and condition of amp. Please include shipping to 98502 in the price of the amp. For those that don't know USPS has a flat rate "game board" box for about $25. Perfect for...
  19. JoeK

    Crescendo BC2000d

    Hit me up, cash in hand for good offer.
  20. R

    ADS a/d/s 280CMX

    Looking for a Second ADS a/d/s 280CMX Amplifier. Must be in Excellent to Mint Condition. Thanks
  21. W

    Box Build in SoCal

    Looking for a builder in SoCal! Looking for a solid build for one sundown x-10 I will need to meet so you can take measurements. Been holding on to my x10 for months now, it's time to get her playing
  22. Inter007

    SMD volt meter

    As title states looking for a SMD volt meter. Didn't want to buy a new one so looking to see if anybody is selling one here by chance. Thanks in advance
  23. $Tom

    Looking for jlW7 12"

    I'm in need of a jlW7 12" im willing to recone it. What do you have? Basket must be good.
  24. coogismoove

    2 cadence cvl64mbx speakers.

    The speakers are incredibly hard to find even when someone says they are in stock they are not. I have had to put in for multiple refunds and wait for my money to be in limbo from audio sites lying about stock. I managed to get my hands on the four eights I need it and two of the 6.5 if anyone...
  25. CALIBASS2014

    Looking for a pair of strong 12s d4 or d2

    Looking for a pair of strong 12s d4 or d2 Perf d4 Sundown Ds18 Dc audio Crescendo Soundqubed
  26. The_Grimy_One

    Misc Goods: Wire, RCAs, Distribution Block

    So I am in the middle of collecting all the supplies for my build. I have a gift card to Amazon, so I will probably buy some of it with that. However, I want to see what you all may have that could save me some mula. I am in need of about 50ft of 14 gauge for speaker runs I am in need of 3...
  27. J

    (4) Sundown zv5 18s 2ohm , XS POWER d1600

    Looking for these items specifically. Let me know what ya got. Thanks Junior
  28. CALIBASS2014

    Look for an orion xtr 2500

    Wth xtr 2500 Lmk kno what u got and how much
  29. kr15

    Mb Quart DSC 1500

    Wtb dsc1500, so that i can strap with the one i currently have. (So no, dont offer me your xyz 1500) Cosmetics arent critical, just needs to be fully functioning. Not in a rush
  30. CplCuddles

    (2) Sundown Audio X-18 v2 D4

    Trying to find some X-18v2s, anyone that has them and wants to get rid of them let me know! I want them in working condition with no mechanical issues.
  31. R

    Looking for a DD m2c or m3c

    I'm looking to buy a Digital Design Amp, either the m2c or the m3c. Looking for the best deal possible either used or new. Thanks
  32. S

    WTB: (X2) 7"-10" MID-BASS Speakers [New or used]

    I looking for Some Cheaper (new or Used) Mid-bass Speakers for my next project. I'd like to play around with some different large Mid-bass Drivers for a Door panel install and not spend too much until i've heard some EXamples of the benefit of over sized Mid-bass door speakers. NO SUBS Only...
  33. A

    WTB 4ohm 6.5in Silver Flutes + tweets too maybe

    Looking for a pair of these. On a real budget right now (not working for a little bit due to illness), and these are out of stock everywhere. Was hoping to find a used pair for a fair price that haven't been abused too much. Don't care about looks so much. As long as they're all in one piece...
  34. Audio4ever

    Mini anl 200 fuse

    Just need 1
  35. M

    Zapco Din to RCA cable

    2-Zapco Din to RCA cable. 3 Footer would work, but will take any length. Anyone have any laying around.
  36. N

    Knukonceptz OFC 1/0

    Looking for the 1/0 Black. Has to be the OFC. Let me know what you got. Needs to be at least 10ft
  37. T

    WTB 2000rms amp

    Looking for a 2000rms amp Sundown, AA, IA, AQ, Crescendo, Etc 350 budget give or take Needs to be in pretty good shape
  38. M

    zapco psi-hpsl (Power supply)

    Looking for a working zapco psi-hpsl (power supply) Cheaper the better
  39. S

    zx1000.1, zx750.1, kx1200.1, kx800.1

    Looking for a match to one of these amps zx1000.1 zx750.1 kx1200.1 kx800.1
  40. sotelomichael

    Boston Acoustics Gtr10

    Preferably in like new condition. Need 2 of these passive radiators. The grey cone ones. Does anyone know of or have any of these left?