1. 2

    Single Din Headunit - Nothing fancy

    Hey Guys, just looking for a basic single din headunit to go in my car. Nothing fancy, but would like it to come with all accessories from new and to function/look 100%. Would prefer Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine. Aux/usb preferably as well. Would like to spend under $100.
  2. Jakerrr


    One of my Hertz HT 25's blew and I'm just going to upgrade the tweeters to a new set. Need something that can take a whole lot of power and get loud. Preferably soft dome. Hertz HT 28's would be nice. Anything that can easily handle 100 watts. Must be under 80mm overall diameter. And preferably...
  3. W

    audiocontrol spl 190

    Looking for good working condition audiocontrol spl 190. Need it before oct 15. Pm me if you have one for sale.
  4. fatboytyler

    G31/27 Battery for Under the Hood

    My Deka 9A31 just bit the dust. Won't stay above 11.6 volts once the car turns off, thus I am unable to turn my truck over anymore. I want something spec wise close to it, but that is about as big physically as I can fit under the hood. I don't have too much height clearance otherwise I'd snag...
  5. cfox10

    8" Subwoofers

    Looking to buy a pair of 8's that can handle 3-600 watts. Hoping to buy used to save money for budget build, otherwise I'll be going with xd 8's or hds208's Let me know what you have and price!
  6. coogismoove

    2 Crescendo Audio Symphony 1500.1

    good condition and soon.
  7. SounDrive

    Big WTB Thread

    Here is a list of things I am currently in the market for: DC 270 or 370xp for 04 Tahoe Dual or triple alternator bracket, preferably from DC and not some sketchy homemade rig Blue maxwell ultracaps or the ioxus or XS equivalents 2 LARGE matching Korean amps. 5k or larger. I can get used...
  8. Fi-brations

    Good 3k Amp

    I need a good amp that does 3k at 1 ohm Edit: Budget is under $700, preferably around 500-600
  9. Q

    BT headunit with 3 pre-outs

    Looking for a budget BT head-unit with 3 sets of pre-outs. Looking for something like an Apine CDE-164BT or similar. Let me know what you have.
  10. D

    Install equipment/gear and dc level 6 sub or motors

    Whats up everyone and thanks for checking out my post here, im looking to finish up my buils and im interested in the following.. - Distribution blocks - Dual 1/0 inputs - Copper ring terminals - 80mil deadener or higher - 1/0 gauge wire - CT sounds door speakers - 5x7 door speakers x2 -...
  11. beatnbronco

    4" coils, spiders, 12" cones

    This is a list of a few parts I need to finish up some builds so if anyone can help me out with any of these parts i'd appreciate it. Trying to keep it low budget cuz the subs are for relatives and I'm not charging them but i'll do the best i can to pay what's needed. Thanks 1x coil to fit...
  12. Audio4ever

    passive crossovers

    Looking for passive crossovers to use on 2 punch pro 8s and 6.5s
  13. MrAcd

    CL-6SL Ultra Slim design or other slim 6.5 mid bass woofers

    Looking for some CL-6SL Ultra Slim design or other slim mid bass woofer. I think hertz sells a slim EV woofer. I only have 2 1/8 mounting depth and can not add a spacer. Looking for a 6.25 but i thinking could do a 6.5.
  14. C1500martin

    2/0 welding cable

    Need some 2/0 welding cable, black and blue, 80ft total 40&40 or in sections of 20ft let me know!
  15. awdtalon21

    WTB: Hertz HP4 or Good SQ 4 Channel amp

    Hertz HP4 or Good SQ 4 Channel amp
  16. C1500martin

    cheap RCA

    anyone got a pair of 2 or 4ch rca they have laying around, 17ft preferably, KNU bassik or something along thos lines. and by cheap i mean i just pay shipping for those $2 usps packags and you send for free lol. thanks guys!
  17. coogismoove

    6-7k rms at 1ohm

    Title says it all. Budget $600-$650 Need for next month or maybe this one.
  18. disturbed471985

    IA DP Motor and 21" basket....

    IA DP Motor and 21" basket.... New style motor only....
  19. JL Audio

    custom subwoofer 15" or less size.

    Let me know what you have, my budget is 500 or less for a single or pair pending what it is. Like: neos , huge surrounds , something that takes tons of power.. dislikes: girls that fart more than I do. That should cover it.
  20. Audio4ever

    tweeters to use with punch pro 8s

    Post up