1. Inter007

    SMD volt meter

    As title states looking for a SMD volt meter. Didn't want to buy a new one so looking to see if anybody is selling one here by chance. Thanks in advance
  2. $Tom

    Looking for jlW7 12"

    I'm in need of a jlW7 12" im willing to recone it. What do you have? Basket must be good.
  3. coogismoove

    2 cadence cvl64mbx speakers.

    The speakers are incredibly hard to find even when someone says they are in stock they are not. I have had to put in for multiple refunds and wait for my money to be in limbo from audio sites lying about stock. I managed to get my hands on the four eights I need it and two of the 6.5 if anyone...
  4. CALIBASS2014

    Looking for a pair of strong 12s d4 or d2

    Looking for a pair of strong 12s d4 or d2 Perf d4 Sundown Ds18 Dc audio Crescendo Soundqubed
  5. The_Grimy_One

    Misc Goods: Wire, RCAs, Distribution Block

    So I am in the middle of collecting all the supplies for my build. I have a gift card to Amazon, so I will probably buy some of it with that. However, I want to see what you all may have that could save me some mula. I am in need of about 50ft of 14 gauge for speaker runs I am in need of 3...
  6. J

    (4) Sundown zv5 18s 2ohm , XS POWER d1600

    Looking for these items specifically. Let me know what ya got. Thanks Junior
  7. CALIBASS2014

    Look for an orion xtr 2500

    Wth xtr 2500 Lmk kno what u got and how much
  8. kr15

    Mb Quart DSC 1500

    Wtb dsc1500, so that i can strap with the one i currently have. (So no, dont offer me your xyz 1500) Cosmetics arent critical, just needs to be fully functioning. Not in a rush
  9. CplCuddles

    (2) Sundown Audio X-18 v2 D4

    Trying to find some X-18v2s, anyone that has them and wants to get rid of them let me know! I want them in working condition with no mechanical issues.
  10. R

    Looking for a DD m2c or m3c

    I'm looking to buy a Digital Design Amp, either the m2c or the m3c. Looking for the best deal possible either used or new. Thanks
  11. S

    WTB: (X2) 7"-10" MID-BASS Speakers [New or used]

    I looking for Some Cheaper (new or Used) Mid-bass Speakers for my next project. I'd like to play around with some different large Mid-bass Drivers for a Door panel install and not spend too much until i've heard some EXamples of the benefit of over sized Mid-bass door speakers. NO SUBS Only...
  12. A

    WTB 4ohm 6.5in Silver Flutes + tweets too maybe

    Looking for a pair of these. On a real budget right now (not working for a little bit due to illness), and these are out of stock everywhere. Was hoping to find a used pair for a fair price that haven't been abused too much. Don't care about looks so much. As long as they're all in one piece...
  13. Audio4ever

    Mini anl 200 fuse

    Just need 1
  14. M

    Zapco Din to RCA cable

    2-Zapco Din to RCA cable. 3 Footer would work, but will take any length. Anyone have any laying around.
  15. N

    Knukonceptz OFC 1/0

    Looking for the 1/0 Black. Has to be the OFC. Let me know what you got. Needs to be at least 10ft
  16. T

    WTB 2000rms amp

    Looking for a 2000rms amp Sundown, AA, IA, AQ, Crescendo, Etc 350 budget give or take Needs to be in pretty good shape
  17. M

    zapco psi-hpsl (Power supply)

    Looking for a working zapco psi-hpsl (power supply) Cheaper the better
  18. S

    zx1000.1, zx750.1, kx1200.1, kx800.1

    Looking for a match to one of these amps zx1000.1 zx750.1 kx1200.1 kx800.1
  19. sotelomichael

    Boston Acoustics Gtr10

    Preferably in like new condition. Need 2 of these passive radiators. The grey cone ones. Does anyone know of or have any of these left?
  20. N

    Zuki 5 channel and 4 channel

    Looking for some. I'm in love with these amps. Let me know what you have and we can discuss price.
  21. O

    Rockford Fosgate Punch end caps & link

    Looking for either a couple sets of Rockford Fosgate end caps, or one set of end caps and a link. For ~2000 model year 500a2 (black texture/crinkle paint). Like seen here (not my picture):
  22. disturbed471985

    2 - 2.5k or 3k amps

    Looking for two 2.5 or 3k amps that are strappable for a friend. List what you got and what you want.
  23. Joseph7195

    Wtb dd le-m12

    I am Looking for a Digital Designs LE-M12 sub and enclosure. It doesn't matter to me if you're and individual or dealer. Just looking for a cheaper price. Used with cosmetic issues is fine with me. Just as long as it's cheap and fully functional! Here is a pic of what I am looking for...
  24. C

    DC level 2

    Looking for a pair of level 2 15's but may consider 12s also. Let me know if you got some. Email me at [email protected] Or message me on here. Thanks
  25. C

    re audio sexv2 15

    If you got one sitting around you are not using and looking to let go hit me up on here or email me [email protected] I need just one to make my pair correct. Currently I have a v1 and a v2 paired up so I am willing to trade the v1 off too cuz it will be sold after I find another v2 anyways.
  26. CALIBASS2014

    {ohio}2 18s 2 15s or even 12s

    wtb some nice 218s 2 15s or maybe 4 15s **** maybe even some beffy 12s d2 or d4s perf...... $600maxx so not every thing at the price im trina bang ona budget lol i got some car audio also maybe we can work some deal not here much if u want u can txt 8622794269
  27. ray60218


    Looking to buy some 1/0 to 4ga Reducer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. ludeman

    DC XL m1 motor or blown sub

    WTB DC XL m1 motor or blown sub
  29. N

    Two 18s

    Walling a car. Throwing 8k at the subs. Trying to see whats out there subwise. Worst I can say is no
  30. Audio4ever

    Smd cc-1