1. N

    Zuki 5 channel and 4 channel

    Looking for some. I'm in love with these amps. Let me know what you have and we can discuss price.
  2. O

    Rockford Fosgate Punch end caps & link

    Looking for either a couple sets of Rockford Fosgate end caps, or one set of end caps and a link. For ~2000 model year 500a2 (black texture/crinkle paint). Like seen here (not my picture):
  3. disturbed471985

    2 - 2.5k or 3k amps

    Looking for two 2.5 or 3k amps that are strappable for a friend. List what you got and what you want.
  4. Joseph7195

    Wtb dd le-m12

    I am Looking for a Digital Designs LE-M12 sub and enclosure. It doesn't matter to me if you're and individual or dealer. Just looking for a cheaper price. Used with cosmetic issues is fine with me. Just as long as it's cheap and fully functional! Here is a pic of what I am looking for...
  5. C

    DC level 2

    Looking for a pair of level 2 15's but may consider 12s also. Let me know if you got some. Email me at [email protected] Or message me on here. Thanks
  6. C

    re audio sexv2 15

    If you got one sitting around you are not using and looking to let go hit me up on here or email me [email protected] I need just one to make my pair correct. Currently I have a v1 and a v2 paired up so I am willing to trade the v1 off too cuz it will be sold after I find another v2 anyways.
  7. CALIBASS2014

    {ohio}2 18s 2 15s or even 12s

    wtb some nice 218s 2 15s or maybe 4 15s **** maybe even some beffy 12s d2 or d4s perf...... $600maxx so not every thing at the price im trina bang ona budget lol i got some car audio also maybe we can work some deal not here much if u want u can txt 8622794269
  8. ray60218


    Looking to buy some 1/0 to 4ga Reducer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ludeman

    DC XL m1 motor or blown sub

    WTB DC XL m1 motor or blown sub
  10. N

    Two 18s

    Walling a car. Throwing 8k at the subs. Trying to see whats out there subwise. Worst I can say is no
  11. Audio4ever

    Smd cc-1

  12. S

    WTB JBL MS8 LCD and remote

    Thought I had it all together in a box, and when i pulled it out the lcd and controller are missing. I think it went with the car I sold, so hit me up if you have a blown MS8 with these parts lying around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. A

    8g speaker wire

    Needing about roughly 15-20ft let me know what you got an how much shipped to 52601.
  14. H

    Wtb amp to power hdc4

    WTB AMP TO POWER HDC4 15. LOOKING AT 3000 WATTS RMS. Budget is 250
  15. Audio4ever

    Viper smart start modules(Bluetooth)

    I need 1-3 of them
  16. A

    Power Distribution block

    Looking for a pair of 1/0 Gauge In to 1/0 Gauge Out Power Distribution Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. R

    ADS a/d/s MX Series Amplifiers

    Looking for MX Series Amps! A 280CMX would be great but open to any of these series amps. Also looking for the Crossover cards and Bypass cards as well. Thanks
  18. R

    Orion NT 100/200 Amps

    Looking to purchase a Orion NT100/200 amps, Let me know what you have and how much. Please be willing to ship to Canada
  19. ATC_DJ

    ISO SSA Gcon 12 D2

    Like the subject says, searching for a GCON 12 (D4). Sorry it wont let me edit the subject but I am looking for a D4. If you have any deals let me know! Thanks
  20. WS6TA

    Polk Momo mids

    Need to be in good working order and no major cosmetic blemishes. I don't need tweets or crossovers but will take them. Prefer 6.5" but 5.25" are ok.
  21. A

    Wtb 0 to 4 gauge reducers and anl fuse w holder

    Wtb 0 to 4 gauge reducers and anl fuse w holder ... Or. Will trade smartstart module Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Audio4ever

    Alpine rux-4280

    Let me know if you have 1
  23. disturbed471985

    Install accessories.

    Need 1 set of Dual 1/0 or 2/0 Amplifier Inputs. Need 1 set of 1/0 to 4 Gauge Input Reducers. Need 1 set of bolt down Battery Terminals (5-6) for lug style connection. Need 1 set of sae top post battery terminals (5-6) for lug style connection. Need 2 sets of 1/0 to 1/0 reducers. Not loyal...
  24. Audio4ever

    [email protected] I don't care how it looks

    No new amps..Goin cheap amp Won't b seen just need to function 100%
  25. disturbed471985

    cheap hu... nothing expensive or fancy.

    Need hu brand dnt matter. Just needs either usb or aux hook up. What u got?
  26. A

    Directed valet switch

    In need of valet switch adapt . I need to program remote Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. P

    Soundqubed HDS208 Recones

    Anyone know where I can get parts to rebuild my subs. I got shafted by subwooferparts dot com and Soundqubed does not sell the recones and they do not have an ETA as to when they'll have them in stock. Things Im looking for: 2.5"DVC (64.4 mm OD, 36.41mm winding, 3.25in transformer length)...
  28. A

    Alpine pdx or mrx-f65 and mrx1000

    Looking for good condition amps with end caps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  29. A

    Alpine SPR-60C

    Looking for one to two sets . N good condition Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  30. Audio4ever

    1/0 copper ring terminals

    I need about 8
  31. K

    WTB: Coustic DR series speakers NIB

    For some reason that is beyond me, I have taken a liking to collecting Coustic DR series speakers. Highs, Mids, crossovers and Subs. I prefer New in the Box but, let me know what you might have. The only series that I want are Coustic's DR series speakers. No other series.
  32. JessyBoy86

    Hertz HT-28

    Can't find any dealers around here... looking for a pair.
  33. CplCuddles

    JL audio C2-650 components and coaxial.

    Lookin to buy, if you got em lemme know. Thanks!
  34. Audio4ever

    Sound deadener. I don't need much

    Post wat u got
  35. A

    Universal Rf kit

    In search of 9474T (Plain Pak*) Universal RF Kit for SmartStart Systems w 4 Button Remote Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  36. A

    Alpine gps antenna and tr7

    (ISO) In search of a gps antenna for alpine head unit and tr7 bypass Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  37. boxpunch

    12" Ti Frame

    looking for a 12" ti frame preferably gloss black or sandblasted.
  38. A

    Wtb 6.5 mids

    Looking for some really decent mids , When I say decent clear and loud mids to put in a door of truck . What you suggest thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  39. 97maxima

    18 inch dd/sq/ab frame

    Product I'm looking for: 18 inch split 8 spoke frame Budget: neg, shipped to 29625 Condition: Good, no cracks, no gasket, could be ugly Time Frame (if applicable): today
  40. phrozen_lad

    RE XXX blown or working

    Looking for the xbl2 xxx motors - what you got?