wiring amps

  1. I

    wiring with 2 amps??

    Okay so I'm not really sure the best way to wire this system.... I have 2 dvc 4 ohm sound stream 15" subwoofers 1000watts rms and I have 2 hifonics 1200 watt monoblock amps stable and 1, 2, & 4 ohm Now I was wondering if there is any way to get 1200 watts to each subwoofer? And if not is...
  2. R

    I've got all the parts, are they connected properly?

    New guy here.. Okay, I've got 2 JL W6v2 12" subs in a ported box. I have 2 rockford fosgate prime 500.1 amps, one for each sub. My wiring is 6g scotch, they cheap all in one pack. Alright so what I have done is ran my fusable power wire from battery to one amp, from that amp I have about a...
  3. M

    how do i wire my amp to my subs

    i have a alpine m2000 amp and 3 alpine type r 10 2ohms subs and i need a wire guide to hook them up can anyone give me a hand
  4. D

    properly wire my amp and Sub????

    hey everyone i have a question on wiring my Kappa One amp to my JL Audio CS210RG-W3v3-2 subs. the amp has two sets of outputs but the sub only has one set for two speakers so far i have one set from the amp going into the sub, so does that mean i only have half the power from the amp going into...
  5. O

    2 10" Kicker CVR + 1 12" L7 in a Dodge Caliber

    So, I just bought an L7 and need to build a box to accomodate the three woofers. I don't know exactly how much room I have in the back of my car, but it is a hatchback and I'm not too worried about storage at the moment. They can always be taken out if I have something big to haul around. I...
  6. M

    multiple amp hook up for subs and speakers?

    Wondering how i would hook up a mono block amp for my 2 12's to a 4channel amp for my 2 door and 2 rear deck speakers all into one. how would i wire this??
  7. MeMpHiS12

    !PLEASE HELP! have 2 memphis 12's power ref. trying to wire to sony 1000/2

    It just wont work ive tried everything all kinds of diff. wiring please tell me what you think any suggestions please.
  8. M


    1 MB Quart DSC 1500.1 mono amp 1500w rms @ 1hom (stable) 750w rms @ 2 ohm 350w rms @ 4 ohm 2 Alphasonic Psw810 10" subs 800w rms each 2 0hm DVC This is a question for all the car audio OGeez! I let this inexperience audio dude wire my system (Knew he was inexperienced when he tryed to...
  9. A

    Need help with wires

    I am currently hooking up 2 amps(1 power acoustic 4 channel amp,1000 watt max, wanting to push 400 watts total, also a kenwood kac-7203 1000 watt, but im only gonna push at 500 watts). im only looking to push 900-1000 watts total. my question is what gauge wires am i going to need and would...