1. T

    Help with db/ohms

    I hope someone here can help with my quandry. My vehicle (2010 Kia Soul) came with a premium sound system and the speakers were shot. So I decided to upgrade the head unit (Alpine ilx650) and door speakers. From what I understand the stock amp is pushing 2ohms. I am not certain of the...
  2. F

    Amp to match 80rms/170max watts & power reserve

    SPEAKER: MB Quart QS216 (1-pair) AMP: ? CAPACITOR: ? Looking for amp to match MB Quart speakers rated at 80/170w. Power rating is 4 ohms. I only prefer to shop at sonicelectronix. I found a couple 2channel-ClassAB amps that have an rms ranging from 100-150w. Are there any benefits in going above...
  3. R

    Need new Subs

    I Just blew my Subs and amp. (Subs are old and going bad and caused the amp to blew) Looking to use the same sub box cause its custom fit for under my seat. Looking for a 10" sub with a mounting depth less then 4 3/8" I had 225 watts and want to louder. (300 up probably) I really like the...
  4. L

    Finding wattage and Finding an Amp

    I have been searching for an amp for my 2 pairs of speakers and my 2 subwoofers. Here are my plans so far: 2 Kicker Coaxial Speakers 4-Ohm 6.5 inch @ 100wat RMS each = 200watRMS @ ????wat Peak 2 Kicker Speakers 4-Ohm 5.25 inch @ 75wat RMS each = 150watRMS @ 225wat Peak 2 Kicker Subwoofers...
  5. T

    Can I ohm a single svc (4)ohm down to 2 ohm?

    Hi, I'm new here. I was just trying to get the most out of my set-up. I have a kenwood kac7201 amp and a 12" eclipse sw6123.4 sub. The amp is 230x2 @2 ohms and 460w x 1 @ 4ohms. The reason why I'm asking if you can ohm the sub down to 2ohms is because 460 is too much. It's a 250 rms sub. And...
  6. SirPudge

    RMS help

    Hello. I am new to this, so please be gentle on the new guy. I have had subs in my car for a while now, they were a package of a 300 watt Alpine amp and 2 JL 12's. The RMS on the amp is 300(bridged) and the RMS on the subs is 600(total). Each is running at half power, but that isn't where my...
  7. A

    Misunderstanding of head unit wattage

    I have recently bought a car with an aftermarket system. Nothing major. The front two speakers are stock but there is a new head unit and a new pair of 6"x9" in the rear. Everytime i run the radio over 20 or so volume, the stereo cuts out. I was wondering if that has to be a problem with the...
  8. F

    How many watts can 18 ga and 14 ga speaker wire handle?

    I want to replace my stock speaker wires with 18 ga because I have a big *** spool of the ****, and I want to run 14 ga for my subs.
  9. X

    What size amplifier should I get for my subs??

    I am about to get 2 12" DVC 2 OHM Cerwin-Vega VMAX 122 RMS: 500W EACH MAX: 1000W Each I am looking for a 2 Channel Amp but am open to any suggestions. I want each speaker to be properly powered so 500 RMS each and 1000 Max Each I am not worried about what OHM they have to be wired at, I...
  10. T

    Coaxial speakers without enough wattage? When bass kicks, treble loses volume.

    I recently installed 4 6x8 Pioneer TS-D6802R Coaxial speakers into my truck. With the intentions of purchasing a new head unit, amp, and sub to go with it. I still have those intentions, I just bought the speakers first. So everything sounds fine when I don't raise the volume too high, but...
  11. youbeenblown

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! my first time! :(

    say i have a 1200watt amp. what watt sub should i get to run on it??? (btw its a 1200watt poweracoustic saphire version amp and the sub will be the only sub run off of it. the stock speakers will continue to be ran off the stock amp.) Also i have an audi a4 (year:2000) with a stock headunit...
  12. T

    Can someone school me on wattage really quick?

    I feel like a huge n00ber for asking, but it's been in the back of my head for awhile, cause I've never really been clarified on it. Ok, let's say I have this Kicker zX1000.1 amp running 2 Diamond Audio DVC 12" subs they run 600/1200 max so if I'm running them both bridged in Parallel how many...