subwoofer help

  1. Brian Grenda

    Subwoofer Low Output Problem

    Hey, so I am having a problem with my set up... I have 2 10” JL audio W0v3 4ohm subs wired in parallel in a JL Powerwedge box. I just installed a JL JX500/1D amp (500w rms @ 2ohm). I upgraded the power wire to 4g and installed new patch cables. My receiver is alpine cda-117. I was recently...
  2. M

    Need some help with subwoofer thumping

    So I have a huge box for my 2 12 inch kickers on my backseat of my truck and occasionally I just unplug them to make extra room for passengers. It has always worked fine, but last time I put them back in and then they started thumping, not a hum or anything. I messed with the gain on the amp and...
  3. B

    [Build Suggestion] 2008 Dodge Avenger (Beginner)

    Hello! I recently got a 2008 Dodge Avenger (4 speaker version). It is the model without the Boston Acoustics sound system. I am primarily looking for subs + AMP. My friends are going to help me install them. Current stereo: Currently I am using an AUX cord for...
  4. R

    NEW TO FORUM..... NEED HELP WITH SUB 10 in. please..

    ok, so ive had a couple of setups, i have a 98 s10 single cab. ive recently just got a new custom box made. It has to be tuned pretty low, its not a slot port, but a squared port running a good ways maybe 4/5 through the box.... Anyway, right now there is an elevation audio sqx 10 in it right...
  5. C

    Need help with sub/amp

    Hey guys, im thinking about finally getting a decent sub for my 01 dodge neon. Just a little something better than the stock bass. I had these chosen, but i dont know which to go with. American Bass XFL1244 with AUDIOPIPE AP15001D or Pioneer TS-W3002D4 12 In. Champion Series PRO with...
  6. J

    New Sub suggestions

    Hey All, I have been looking at decreasing the space that my current setup takes up in my trunk. Right now I have 2 jl 12w0 in a powerwedge sealed box. Dimensions of 33"w x 15"h x 15"d I want to stick with a 12' subwoofer and was looking at the jl w3v3 (I know overpriced but I like the sq that...
  7. P

    What amp do i need to power 3 dual 2 ohm optidrive???

    i have 3 SSL Evolution 5000, 2 Shuriken Batteries, 3 Optidrive 15's and it aint dong the job. what do i need to power the subs correctly
  8. N

    2 12 inch subs plugged to one mono amp , i unplugged one and it plays WAYYYY louder??

    I have 2 12 inch terminator subs that came with the terminator mono TN250/1 Amp in a kit but i bought them from a friend and know nothing about subs , Now that i unplugged one it plays perfectly but should i wire them to have 2ohms if thats what it would give? I need help so i don't break my car...
  9. R

    Help finding new sub for my setup

    I have a Sundown SAZ-2000D powering a 12" Kicker L7 and i'm looking to upgrade my sub. I drive a 97 ford Taurus Wagon with a spot about 40X21(possibly 34) Ill post a picture tomorrow. I listen to Hardcore with alot of breakdowns with lows in them and some dubstep and rap. I have a budget about...