sound deadening

  1. ?

    Prepping for sound deadening

  2. BigSachsy1

    What will help more a 4 or 5 channel or ?

    So I have 2 12s in my 01 suburban and my midbass is ****. Everything else is pretty good. No tweeters except in the 2 coaxials in my front 2 doors. 2 skar fsx65s in the rear doors. After I do the big 3 (current alt is 130 amp) and (maybe) a HO alt, I need to do a 4 channel (I think) to my...
  3. Alex Jarrell

    Couple questions about sound deadening that I haven't seen answered.

    So I'm looking into sound deadening my car but I have a couple concerns that I haven't seen addressed anywhere. Starting off, since one of the main goals of sound deadening is reducing road noise, I'm concerned about how well it will do this.  Do I need to be worried about being less able to...
  4. SkizeR

    Sound Deadening - Reference Information & How-To Guide

    Hey guys, just wanted to inform you that since SDS shut down their website, a new guide and how-to for sound deadening has been posted and is quite detailed. There is also a vehicle-database section.
  5. Zackster

    What Sound Deadening Foam do I need?

    I'm running an American Bass TNT 15" in a 6cb.ft. box tuned to 28hz. I have both port and sub facing the hatch (I drive a Nissan Pathfinder 2001 SE 3.5) and, needless to say, the entire hatch flexes like crazy... especially towards the bottom with the licence plate. The rattling is especially...
  6. RChillin

    Car Flexing - Need Fixed

    Hello. I drive a 2005 chevy equinox and have 2 15s in the back. It makes my hatch door rattle and flex like crazy. I know sound deadening would be a solution but what are the steps to do so. And what would be the best solution for me. If sound deadening is so, tell me which brands you recommend...
  7. Justin braaapp

    Keeping pressure inside the vehicle???

    Whats up guys I recently finished up my system and im more then happy with it. Looking into doing some dound deadening and was curious how to keep all the pressure inside the truck? Will second skin do the job alone or will that only stop the rattling? Basically just want to know how to keep as...