1. Mr FaceCaser

    Eq settings

    Whats the best eq settings. Should I leave it flat or adjust?
  2. Doc Holiday

    Jl audio ACP112lLGTW1

    what is the best settings for this product, it sounds flat
  3. B

    Can someone help me with settings?

    I am looking for some help with my settings. I am having trouble because I don't have any equipment to test the watts or amps. Currently, I have this settup: 2 - Audio Pipe TXX-BD2-15 15" subwoofers 1200RMS 1 - 32 hz ported enclosure 1 - Nemesis Audio Na-basspro Bass Processor 1 - Hifonics...
  4. D

    Help needed: Subwoofer settings cause crackle

    Hi guys, so i've had this pioneer unit in my SUV for a while now (years). The other day it started producing a crackling noise in all the speakers (doors, dash, sub). When i go into the settings and turn off the subwoofer the problem goes away and everything sounds perfect.  I disconnected the...
  5. S

    alpine ine w957 hd everything works except i cant get into my settings

    hi new here my alpine has the tr7 from pac audio for the bypass I checked and as far as I can tell its programed right everything works nav Bluetooth cd dvd but I cant get into my settings touch button and nope ugly sound its driving me crazy every button itouch is loud beep I mean loud and I...
  6. bluemarvin3030

    really need help, I truly value you guys' advice

    Need help with lpf settings. H/u is pioneer avh x5600 bhs, amp is alpine mrv-m500. Unfortunately I don't know as much about car audio as I would like to believe. Lpf settings available on both h/u and amp. Cannot turn "off" either one. What to do in this situation. I have read not to use both...
  7. Q

    Opinions on amp bass boost

    So I know that bass boost or loud settings on hu arnt really good but what about the bass boost on my amp I'm not sure if its hard on my amp or just makes it hit harder