1. Courtbass

    Old school MTX Terminator MTA amps -- Need some info please!

    I have a MTX Terminator MTA 225 and a MTX Terminator MTA 250 amps that Id like to get some info about. I know theyre super rare and that they were made in the same factory as PPI equipment back in the early 90s. Ive heard that new back then they were anywhere from $600 up to as high as $1600...
  2. 350zkid

    PPI Coaxils

    1. Product: PPI Black Ice 653 6.5" coaxils 2. Specs: Precision Power PPI BI653 6.5" Black Ice Car Speakers 3. Description/Condition: new in box 4. Price: : $40 shipped 5. Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10...
  3. Boominburban

    FS - PPI 900.4 and 600.2 like new

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new PPI p900.4 and p600.2 amps. Used for about a month, ran on great electrical. Only selling because I finally got my set of Cresendo amps for my front stage. These amps are clean and do rated power. They will come like new in oem boxes...
  4. Louisiana_CRX

    Old School PPI White Art 4ch

    Item(s) for Sale: Precision Power PPI White Art A204 Item(s) Description/Condition: Nice clean PPI A204 original white PPI plugs and unbroken security seal . Works like new Price: $150 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: $20 shipped CONUS Item Pictures:
  5. S

    fs: ppi pc2350

    Item(s) for Sale: ppi pc 2350. Item(s) Description/Condition: Most should know this amp but here goes. 350x2@4ohms 700x2@2ohms 1400x1@4 ohms it is not 2ohm stable in bridged mode. In fair shape especially for an amp that was built in 1998 and has actually been used some scratches on front...
  6. Freeman

    Deal between Freeman and shauncox26...

    So i i traded my pip 2000.1 for his polk pa330. We both shipped today. both should have them next week some time.
  7. F

    WTB -- Precision Power PPI PC2350 AMP

    I have two Pro Series 10" subs This amp would help out Hook it up!
  8. D

    Precision Power ~ PPI a204.2 or a100.2 ~ ISO/WTB/WTT

    Trying to find one of the 2 posted subject PPI amps in white: a204.2 a100.2 If at all possible, I'd like to find them in nice shape. Even if you don't have one of them BUT know of one - please let me know! Thanks, 214-334-4001 damion@damionbrooker.com
  9. U

    PPI Sedona 460iX

    Hey guys looking for information on the PPI Sedona 460iX amplifier. Is it a good amp quality/build/sound wise? Anyone use one of these before? What was the sound/output quality of these? Thanks
  10. SPLAudioHz


    Product Brand & Model: FS: OLD SCHOOL PPI made amps - AUDIOHAUS POWER 1000 Condition of all items: They look to be in new condition Total Price: : $225 for the trio Shipping Terms: : shipped at $225 Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks...
  11. supereikenator

    New PPI?

    I know the old stuff was among the best and loved, so I see their new stuff looks pretty and has a wonderful price being what it is. Are they legit clean power? I figure if anyone knows it's you guys, lots of brands that used to be good have gone downhill, is PPI one of them?
  12. new xs d3400

    new xs d3400

    Ppi 1800.1 ppi black ice amp with second battery in back.
  13. Bolognablake

    WTB 10" PPI Pro10 4ohm

    I'm looking for a PPI Pro10 (flat piston, cast frame) 4ohm in good shape. Thanks guys.
  14. xfls


  15. big 3

    big 3

    Big 3 installed in a 2004 malibu
  16. ppi 1800.1 blackice amp

    ppi 1800.1 blackice amp

  17. Z

    Precision Power Pro 10" Subwoofer

    2 10" PPI PRO powered by Audiopipe 1500 I had these 2 puppies hooked up before I got my 2.5 Audioque. I found a seller on ebay who had 10 of these brand new in the box about 4 years ago. The price was 90 shipped! These are monsters weighing in at 30 pounds each! 1000 watts rms each! I bought...

    Ppi 800.4

    looking for a ppi 800.4 for.my aq mids and tweets..must be 100% mechanically
  19. K

    Advice on some Old School Car Audio. Kicker C15A, Soundstream 355 & PPI Ax400

    Ok, so I came across a bunch of my uncles old school car audio that he said I could have. Currently I have 2 HFX12d4s in my car right now, powered by an Arc Audio KAR 900.1D and Alpine SPS-610C's powered by a Hifonics zxi80.4. And I was wondering should I change out my subs and amps for any of...
  20. n8skow

    PPI PSC-221 (charcoal)

    Item(s) for Sale: PPI PSC-221 Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent condition - except I don't have the proprietary power plug for it. Adjustable left and right channel phase shift control Phase control ByPass switch Left and right 180 phase shift switch Signal-to-Noise Ratio >102...
  21. etm34

    old school PPI 404A art amp!

    I would love to take a PPI 404A art amp off of someones hands soon!! Just hit me up with a message and we can negotiate a price, i have a legitimate arc audio kar 400.4 and a massive audio nx4 im willing to trade for it!
  22. PPI  PCX1500

    PPI PCX1500

    1500 W Amp
  23. PPI Amps

    PPI Amps

    Precision Power Amps
  24. harshglare

    Precision Power PC3.65C

    Review of Subwoofer or Speaker: 6-1/2" 200W RMS PPI Power Class Series 3-way Component Car Speaker System RMS Power Range : 100 Watts Frequency response: 60-20000 Hz Diameter: 6.5 Inch Kevlar and paper mid-range cone with laminated foam backing Butyl rubber surround 3/4" Aluminum dome...
  25. M


    First post... Yaay. Hi guys. First off, I am an amateur on amp repair. I know how to solder alright-ish, transistor testing, familiar with a DMM, and grasp the concept of what most components do. This amp isn't that great at all but its just a learning thing... I've got a PPI A1000/2. Voice coil...
  26. C

    ppi pc450 and pc2150, amp set

    Item(s) for Sale: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Item(s) Description/Condition: PPI PC450 (4 channel) and PC2150 (2 channel) These amps work perfectly. Cosmetically they are pretty nice, I give them 8/10 for looks. Those are stickers on them, as they may not look familiar. Both of these amp...
  27. C

    ppi pc1400

    Item(s) for Sale: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Item(s) Description/Condition: PPI PC1400, This amp works great, but cosmetic wise, the cover has some scratches. The cover is not to bad imo, but I would give it 7/10 in the looks department. This amp has been serviced by Cartunes Mobile...
  28. C

    ppi pcx4125 (mind blowing 4 channel)

    Item(s) for Sale: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Item(s) Description/Condition: PPI PCX4125, very rare amp. Very hard to find any amp that even compares to this. This was going to go in my Caddy to run Boston Z's but I never got around to it. Cosmetically I would give this amp 9.7/10...
  29. C

    Ppi pc2600

    Item(s) for Sale: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Item(s) Description/Condition: PPI PC2600, Great condition, some very fine scratches and flaws on cover that can only be seen at certain angles in the light, this seems standard with any chrome though. No major flaws, and works great. Still has...
  30. DarkScorpion

    PPI Art A600.2 White

    Item(s) for Sale: White Precision Power Art A600.2 Item(s) Description/Condition: 150 x 2 @ 4ohm 300 x 2 @ 2 ohm 600 x 1 @ 4 ohm bridged Underrated, of course. Classic PPI A600.2 amplifier. Good condition cosmetically, perfect mechanically. I've taken pictures of the main problem areas...
  31. M

    SOLD ppi pc 1800.2 for sale

    ppi pc 1800.2 for sale perfect condition like new 350 shipped or make a offer email me at matix1125@gmail.com
  32. bigdwiz

    Old School PPI Pro Mos 25 Speaker Harness?

    I recently purchased a Precision Power Pro Mos 25 which is missing the speaker wiring harness. Does anyone know of a replacement for this (molex connector specs, etc)? Or maybe someone has an extra they would offer me at a reasonable price? I didn't see any for sale on ebay. I've attached a pic...
  33. B

    Ppi to 13w7

    Can anyone help? Can i run a 13w7 with a ppi pc21400.2? 3 ohm sub to 4 ohm bridged amp?
  34. Bricktop13

    SOLD [B]Phoenix Gold OUTLAW 1845 Limited Edition========== $799/OBO[/B]

    Selling My Phoenix Gold OUTLAW .... Need the cash It's in really good shape, pulled it from my running system. On the right edge there are two small spots where some of the anodizing wore off.   As for feedback, You can check my feedback rating on Ebay and see more pictures...
  35. 86 MONTE SS

    86 MONTE SS